Interrogatories (General)

PRO C24/269, Part 1, No. 68

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Nicol{as} Bleak iur{atus} 1o Mat. Cant.
Hu{m}fr{idus} Style iur{atus} 3 Apr{ilis} 1599 Mat. Cant.
Mich{ael} Grigge iur{atus} 21o Ap{ri}l{is} vt supra
Petrus Legat iur{atus} 25o April{is} 1599 Mat. Cant.
Io{hannes} Lillye iur{atus} 28 Ap{ri}l{is} 1599 vt supra
Maria Howson iur{ata} 5o Iunij vt supra
Anton{ius} Brown iur{atus} 6o Iunij vt supra
Will{elm}us Milles iur{atus} 14 Iunij vt supra
Morgan Allen iur{atus} 27 Octobr{is} 1599 Mat. Cant.

[Not named here but interrogated: Bennett Salter, William Walter, Israel Amice; see [B] for Edward Hubberd.]

Interrogatories to be Mynistred to witnesses to be p{ro}duced on the parte and behalfe of Iudith Ruswell wydowe Compl{ainan}t against the Right Ho{norable} Edward the nowe Earle of Oxon' def{endan}t

1./ Inprimis doe you knowe the p{ar}tyes pl{ainan}t and the def{endan}t And dyd you know[[e]] Will{ia}m Ruswell Taylor the pl{ainan}t{es} late husbande deceased was not the sayd Ruswell accompted to be of good creditt and might haue taken vp wares lardgly vppon his Creditt w{i}thin the Cittye of London./

2./ Item doe you knowe that the pl{ainan}t{es} sayd late husband was s{er}vant and taylor to the def{endan}t, And toke vpp vppon his creditt, silk{es}, silver and gould lace, and other wares and stuffes for the defend{an}t by his order or appoyntm{en}t to the def{endan}t{es} vse, And how doe you knowe the same, and of whom, and what wares and stuffes did he take vp as aforesayd to your knowledge./

3./ Item was not the defend{an}t indebted vnto the pl{ainan}t{es} sayd late husband for the making of his apparell and other of his s{er}vantes w{hi}ch were made by the defend{an}t{es} appoyntm{en}t and for the sayd wares, silk{es}, lace and stuffes that was soe taken vpp for the def{endan}t & his vse as aforesayd./

4./ Item dyd not the pl{ainan}t{es} late husbande set downe the p{ar}ticulers of such thinges that the defend{an}t stoode indebted to him in any booke or bookes And were you at any tyme sent or appoynted by the defend{an}t to see vewe or pervse the sayd bookes, and the p{ar}ticulers therin, and to Rate and allow the same for the defend{an}t as his debt vnder your hande yf yea then what booke or bookes dyd you soe rate and allowe the somes therof and how much dyd the same amounte vnto, that you soe allowed vnder your hande, And dyd you make the defend{an}t p{ri}vie afterruswel what somes you had rated and allowed did he not then lyke and allowe therof w{i}th an intent to paye the same or that the same should be payed as a dew dett, And are not the p{ar}ticuler debts of the sayd def{endan}t in this booke now shewed vnto you at yo{u}r exam{ination} allowed by you to be the defend{an}t{es} due debte and is not this your name and hand wryting that ys to the sayd booke soe by you rated Cast vpp & allowed for due debte to the pl{ainan}t{es} late husband & by what meanes dyd you rate & allowe the same./ & did not the def{endan}t p{ro}myse paym{en}t of 500li [to the pl{ainan}t] yea or noe./

5./ Item what other book{es} or debt had the sayd Compl{ainan}t{es} late husbande as owing him by the defend{an}t, And are not thes book{es} alsoe and the p{ar}ticulers therin due debt and were owing by the defend{an}t to the sayd Ruswell deceased as you thinke in your conscience what ys the some that you allowed, And ys the same or any parte conteyned [.] in eyther of the sayd book{es} sithens payed as you thinke in your Conscience and doth not the same remayne still as due debt to the pl{ainan}t as adm{inistrator} to her Late Husband yea or noe./

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