Interrogatories (for Hubert only)

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PRO C24/269, Part 1, No. 68


Edw{ardus} Hubbert iur{atus} 5o Iulij 1599 Mat. Cant.

Interrogatories to be mynistred to witnesses to be p{ro}duced one [=on] the parte and behaulfe of Iudith Ruswell wydowe Compl{ainan}t agaynst the Right Ho{norable} Edward the now Earle of Oxon' def{endan}t./

1./ Inprimis doe you knowe the partyes pl{ainan}t and the defend{an}t And dyd you knowe Will{ia}m Ruswell Taylor the pl{ainan}t{es} Late husbande./

2./ Item doe you knowe that the pl{ainan}t{es} said Late husband was servant and Taylor to the defend{an}t, And were not you officer to the sayd defend{an}t in the yere of our Lord God 1580 yf yea was ther not a booke of Reckoninges or accompt{es} Casten vp betwixt the said Complayn{au}nt{es} Late husband and the defend{an}t durynge the tyme you were and Remayned an officer w{i}th the said defend{an}t was not the said booke and the Reckoning{es} and accomptes therin duely sommed & cast by the defend{an}t{es} officers or by some of them or by some other by the said defend{an}t{es} appoyntment, and consent yf yea what some or sommes of money doth the said defend{an}t appere by that booke or by anye other now shewed you at the tyme of yo{u}r examynac{i}ons to be indebted to the pl{ainan}t{es} late husband deceased and how much doth the said sommes amount vnto in the whole and doe you not thinke in your Conscyence that the same was a due debte to the said Ruswell and never yet payd or satisfyed by the defend{an}t. And had not you the pervsinge of the bookes of Reckoning{es} or accomptes when they were sommed and cast vpp and dyd you not helpe to summe and caste them vpp or were you not privye or acquainted w{i}th the doing therof or were you not soe appoynted by the defend{an}te yea or noe.

3. Item doe you now know that one Nicholas Bleake was servant or officer to the defend{an}t in the yere of our Lord God 1580 aforesaid, if yea, dyd not the said Bleake by the said defend{an}t{es} appoyntment and Commaundment some and caste vpp one booke of Reckoninge and accomptes betwene the pl{ainan}ts said Late husband and the defend{an}t, how much doth the same amounte vnto by the said booke soe cast vpp by the said Bleake and doth not the said somme soe caste vpp by the booke remayne a trewe and due debte to the said pl{ainan}t and not dischardged by the defend{an}t as you thinke in your Conscyence and ys not this the booke of accompt{es} that ys now shewed you at the tyme of your examinac{i}ons that was cast vp by Bleake and ys not his name w{i}th his hand wrytinge subscribed vnder the same how doe you know the same and ys not ther the hand wrytinge of the said Bleake to everye syde of the leafe of the same booke, and Ex\\r// and two Letters for the said Nicholas Bleakes name.a./

4. Item doe you not know that the defend{an}t was mynded or dyd will or appoynte that such sommes of money as was dew or owinge by him to the said pl{ainan}ts late husband should be payed dyd yt not appere at anye tyme what the same did amounte vnto what was the reson the same was not payed what ys your vttermost knowledge herof./

Endorsed: for mr Hubberd only

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