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Oxford's Latin (and legal) language good and bad

In the following notes I disregard the distinction between "v" and "u", which are merely different graphic representations of the same letter of the Latin alphabet. BLD is Black's Law Dictionary, 4th edn., St. Paul, 1961.

The following Latin (or English-Latin) phrases and clauses in Oxford's letters in his own hand are grammatically and otherwise correct:

The following phrases, by contrast, are seriously defective:

Conclusion: Oxford's Latin is extremely puzzling. At best one might argue that his spelling of Latin was as idiosyncratic as his spelling of English, however odd that might sound for a language which normally permitted very small leeway in conventions of spelling. At worst one might argue that although Oxford may have carried some Latin phrases in his head along with their correct spelling, he did not retain the basic grammar lessons of his youth and, like Chaucer's Summoner, could parrot legal phrases which he had overheard but of which he had little expert understanding or knowledge.

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