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Oxford vs. Richard Payne, John Lennard, Edward Barthdell, Anthonye Barthdell, et al. (1587)

PRO STAC5/O8/52 (list of 9 interrogatories)

Interrogatories to be mynistred to Iohn Lennard Esquyre Will{ia}m Stamford and Richard Whalley gent' and eyther of them defend{ants} at the sute of the Righte Honno{u}rable Edward de Veer Earle of Oxenford./.

1 Inprimis Whether did yowe knowe or haue yowe herd of anye sute dependinge eyther in the King{es} Benche or Chauncerye betwene the nowe Compl{ainant} or Iohn Reade his Lessee or one Rob{er}te Harrys gent' or Anne his wief or either of them and Richard Payne Esquire nowe one of the defend{ants} for and concerninge the Land{es} & Tenement{es} menc{i}oned in the Bill of the Compl{ainant} before the daye when the Iurye did appeare in the King{es} benche for the tryall therof & howe or by what meanes dyd yowe knowe or here of the same & howe longe is it sythens yowe did firste knowe or here thereof.

2 Item whether did there anye bodye at anye tyme before suche tyme as yowe were spoken vnto by the Attorney of the Compl{ainant} for the makinge of an exemplificac{i}on of the exigent menc{i}oned in the Compl{ainan}t{es} Bill vse anye speche or conference w{i}th yowe in or about the same writt or anye other writt{es} of the same Bundell and whoe was the same p{ar}tye and at what tyme was it / & vpon what occasion did he soe.

3 Item when was the firste tyme that yowe did see the same writt of exigent againste the saide Iohn Ellyott menc{i}oned in the Compl{ainan}t{es} bill & in what place was it & in whose hand{es} then was the same, and whether was the same then in all poynt{es} as it was att the tyme of the shewinge forthe of the same to the Iurye at the King{es} benche Barre in Easter Tearme last yea or not [sic for noe].

4 Item whether be there not diu{er}se other writt{es} of Exigent or p{ro}clamac{i}on yett remayninge vpon the same Bundell & vpon the same retorne directed to the same Sheriffe of Midd' vnto whome this writt of Exigent nowe in question was likewise directed and whether it was not retorned by the saide then Sheriffe of Midd' vpon the Back of the saide writt{es} that the last Countye wherevpon the Coroners did giue Iudgement of owtlawrye againste the defend{antes} named in the saide writt{es} of Exigent was holden at Newe Brayneford [=Brentford?] w{i}thin the saide Countye of Midd' vpon the saide xxjth daye of November menc{i}oned in the saide Bill of the nowe Compl{ainant}

5 Item whether did yowe yo{ur} self make anye exemplificac{i}on of the same wrytt of Exigent nowe in question, or doe youe knowe of any Exemplificac{i}on made therof and whoe made the same / and when was it made / and whether did youe at suche tyme as the saide Exemplificac{i}on was made see anye Copie of the sayde Writt of Exigent in Paper & of whose hand writinge was the same Copie And whether was not the same Copie the hand writinge of Will{ia}m fforest deceased and howe doe yowe knowe it to be his hand writinge And whether was the saide Will{ia}m fforrest anye of the Clark{es} in the Office of the saide Custos br{eu}iu{m} / and what place did he there supplye / And howe longe is it sithens the deathe of the saide Will{ia}m fforrest And whether doe not yowe certenlye knowe, or a<.tt.> the leaste wise verelye thinke in yo{ur} conscience that the same writt of Exigent nowe in question was putt vpon the ffiles or Bundell in the saide Office of Custos br{eu}iu{m} at suche tyme as the saide Will{ia}m fforrest did make the same copie, and that the same writt was then fullye agreeinge w{i}the the saide Copye / or whether did he vse to make anye copies of wrytt{es} disagreeinge from the writt it self

6 Item Whether doe not yowe knowe or certenlye remember that the Countye Courte wherin the Iudgement of Owtlawrye was p{ro}nownced againste the saide Iohn Elliott vpon Thexigent nowe in question is written in the saide Coppye to be the xxjth daye of November beinge written thus (xxj) shorte w{i}the twoe (xx) and one j

7 Item whether did now yowe after suche tyme as the same exemplificac{i}on was wrytten examyne the same w{i}the the saide writt of Exigent nowe in question / And whoe did then helpe yowe to examine the same / And whether did not the same Exemplificac{i}on then agree w{i}the the saide writt of Exigent and retorne therof to yo{ur} certeyne knowledge or as yowe remember / or ells whye did youe otherwise exemplifie the same or suffer the same soe to be exemplified and for what cause did yowe bringe or cause to be brought the sayde wrytt of Exigent nowe in question from the saide Chappell of St Stephens And whether was it not to thentent youe sholde be assured that the same sholde rightlye be exemplifyed./

8 Item whoe or what p{er}sons to yo{ur} knowledge or remembraunce did see or handle the same wrytt of Exigent nowe in question after suche tyme as it came from the saide St Stephens Chappell vntill suche tyme as it was shewed forthe before the Iudges in the King{es} Benche And where did it by all that tyme remayne and whoe had the keepinge therof bothe duringe that tyme / And alsoe whilest it was in St Stephens Chappell / And whether did not Richard Payne Esquire Edward Barthelett Anthony Barthelett and Richard Masterson gentlemen or some of them or some other by there or some of there p{ro}curement see or handle the same And when did they or some of them soe doe & vpon what occasion.

9 Item whether did not the saide Richard Payne Edward Barthelett Anthonye Barthelett & Richard Masterson or some of them or some other for them or in there behalfe p{ro}cure or entreate that the same writt of Exigent nowe in question mighte be caried forthe of the office of Custos br{eu}iu{m} where it oughte to be kepte & whoe soe required the same and to what place sholde it soe be had & caried & for what occasion / And whether was not the same wrytt, eyther solelye alone or vpon a Bundell amongest others eyther the same morninge in the w{hi}che the saide Tryall was to be had in the King{es} Benche or at some other tyme before that daye caryed by yowe, or by some other to yo{ur} knowledge by the appointment of the saide Richard Payne Anthonye Barthelett Edward Barthelett & Richard Masterson or some of them or some other by there direction or there freind{es} to S{er}geaunt{es} Inne in Chauncerye Lane and the Inner Temple or one of these plac{es} or some other place in or nere about the Cittie of London & there shewed to some suche as the saide Richard Payne Edward Anthony [sic] & Richard Masterson or some of them or some other of there freind{es} did appoint and to whome was the saide wrytt of Exigent nowe in question soe caried or shewed And by whose direction or appointment & by whome was the same so caried or shewed and att what tyme and at whose request./

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