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London Subsidy Roll 398

PRO E179/146/398    cf 380, 384

3rd Subsidy granted 1597 assessment date 1 October 1600


     Lymestrete warde

This Indenture ...

     Saint Andrewes Vndershaft??? & St Peters parishes

Roberte Lee Ald{e}r{m}an a SessoR  80
Gregorie Yonge in landes 20
S{i}r Roberte Wrothe knighte in landes     40
Iohane Phillippes widowe in landes 10
Iohn More Ald{e}r{m}an   80
Math< ew> < D>olman    50   Colman???
Henry Cletherowe
Iohn Raymond in land{es} & ffees
Edmond Bressey in landes 20
Dorothye Offley wydowe in landes   20
George Speringe     <...>
Will{ia}m Chambers  <...>
Hughe Bullocke in landes <...>
Xpofer Thatcher in landes     10
Roberte Bell in landes
Thom{a}s Hewytt
Henrye Archer in landes
Iohn Canute    20
Willyam Warman
Christofer Vertue
Iames Stocke
Iohn Broughton
Thom{a}s fferrys     10
Xpofer Clitherowe
Iohn Steward
Michaell Palmer
Henrye Heywarde          Heywood
Roberte Cooley 5
Iohn Pywell
Davyd Powell
Will{ia}m Askewe
Richard Loxon
Launcellott Thompson
Iohn Burton
Will{ia}m Turke
Richard Merryke
Iohn Penningeton
Nicholas Sperine
Henrye Yonge
Roberte Cooper
Levia White
Peter Towers
Roberte Hill
Thom{a}s ffitche    6 [=16s]
Allen Woodman  3 [=8s]      < means inferred
Will{ia}m Robynson
Walter Vnet
Iohn Morgan


Thom{a}s Gellybrand
Thom{a}s Honnyman
Roger Cockayne
Phillippe Chiddelowe





     Saint Marye Axe


     Oxford Place


     Summa totalis

All which saide ...



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