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[=52] Cecil Papers 25/106 (bifolium, 315mm x 200mm), Oxford to Burghley; 23 March 1595.

My very good Lord. I knowe yow are not to be trobled at thys present wythe any longe letter, wherfore I will only answer to the matter proposed.

fyrst to that poynt, wher yt ys sayd that the Tynners shall have ther mony lent them at 8l in the 100, wheras they have yt at 10l in the 100. This is but a maske, for they have yt all redie at 5 and 6l the 100. And also the matter is of small importance sythence the whole sume so commonly lent vnto them frome dyvers ingrossers of ther Tyne, is not amonge them all, aboue 3000l.

for yat the Contrie hathe left at randole vnto an vncerteyne prize [=price] as hertofore. This is lekly to returne the contrie to the former discontentment before yt was yelded vnto to ther owne askinge, that they showld have 24l certeynty (communibus annis) for every 1000l weyght of Tyne.

Wheras yt ys sayd yat that which is sowld in the Realme shalbe at the accustomed prize, this dothe but make a noyce [=noise] and is to no purpos. for in myne accountes yowre lordship shall perceyve in comparinge them that ther is no other profitt raysd but one [=on] that which is transported.

Last of all for the 30000l which her Maiestie is to lay owt and the 10000l my Lord is to disburse.

This so great a sume proportioned to the quantetie of Tyne dothe direct to that wheroff I have all thys whyle motioned, & that is that the rates of the Tyne are vndervallued to her Magestie, and to be thowght the quantite which is taken frome the Mynes is far more then is thowght wherof even thys day sume discouerie is made vnto me.

for yf the Tyne were no more then [=than] yt ys rated, sythe as yowre lordships shall finde by myne accounte, then 17000 and sume od poundes, byethe The whole yeres Tyne, of whiche mony the one halfe ys to be imployed for the fyrst Coynage, wher ys Tyne for so muche monye as he settes downe.

Thus yt appeares that 8000l or theraboutes, byes vp the fyrst coynage, which beinge turnd over, yeldes yt self bake agayne with the increas, and so dothe satisfise [=satisfy] the whole yeare. Then all the rest of the monye the merchantes and my lord have thys whole yeare in ther owne handes, except 3000l therof more which they lend the contrie as yt ys sedd for 8l in the 100.

Now lett thes offers be considered. my Lord askethe 30000l to be lent him, and I only wishe her Magestie by her owne officers to ley owt 8000l. My Lord yf she wyll lay out nothinge desyres that her Magestie showld receyve no further profitte then her ordinarie revenue for the fyrst yeare wherby she leasethe [=loseth] 7000l.

I offer her the fyrst yeares gayne as well as ever after and her Magestie to lay owt never a pennye.

My lord leues [=leaves] the Tynners to ther former vncerteynte.

I satisfise [=satisfy] them with 24l for every 1000l weyght, whiche is there owne demand and agrement.

(sideways in left margin)

Yowre Lordships to Command

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the ryght honorable and his very good Lord, the Lord Thresorer of Englande. [seal]

Endorsed: 23 Martij 1594; Earl Oxford

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