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[=53] Cecil Papers 31/45 (bifolium, 315mm x 210mm), Oxford to Burghley; 25 March 1595.

My very good Lord to sett downe that which showlde be fytt for yowre satisfactione, wowld requyre a longe wrightinge, which showld be to [=too] combersome, at this present. and moreover I wowld gladly deliuer my knowlege of the quantety of Tynne by mowthe, for yat I thinke yt not convenient by letter. wherfore when yowr Lordship shall have best tyme and leysure yf I may know yt I will attend yowre Lordship as well as a lame man may at yowre house.

Those articles of my Lord of Buckhursts offer I have allredie answered in my last letter. yet for more assurance I have sent myne answer agayne, vnto every poynt.

And wheras yt hathe bene sayd as I vnderstand that he was the fyrst yat moved thys swte, I confes that he was the fyrst that delt in yt to cosine [=cozen, cheat] her Magestie but not to profite her, as at my comminge to yowre Lordship I will fully satisfis [=satisfy] yow.

for the 40 hundred thowsande l weyght of Tyne, yf he had put in 60 hundred and 70 hundred thowsand yet I was the fyrst as I cane prove by good testemonie that gave her Magestie warninge to loke well therto before she made any gravnt, and gave inclinge [=inckling, estimate] of those sumes.

And at what tymes he made his offer of 10 thowsand poundes ^\\custome// and now the 40 hundred thowsand l weyght, when I shall have speache with yowre Lordship yow will iuge [=judge] therof a great deale better.

Wherfore least I troble yowre Lordship I most hartely thanke yow[re lordship] for yowre most honorable delinge towards me, and ernestly crave that yowre Lordship will not suffer this matter so swyftly and hastely to pase, tyll I have fully aduertised yowre Lordship of my knowlege of the 40 hundred thowsand pound weyght. And what other meanes I know necessarie for her Magestie to compas her intent, and withowt which beinge knowne, yt wilbe overthrowne, and prove nothinge to that which her Magestie expectes and I doo wishe.

Yowre Lordships to Command.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the ryght honorable & his very good Lord the Lord Thresorer of England.

Endorsed (B?): 25 Mart. 1595; Erl oxford Tyn workes

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