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[=55] Cecil Papers 31/54 (bifolium, 307mm x 200mm), Oxford to Mr. Hicks; 28 March 1595.

Good Mr Hykes. Whearas I wass determined to have visited my Lord att hys house, I doo now vnderstand yat his Lordshype is removed to the Courte. And for yat I am not able nor fytt to loke into that place, beinge yete no better recovered, yf yt shall please ^\\his// Lordship at his best leysure to take so muche paynes, as to loke into my doughter Darbies house or myne, I hope so to satisfise [=satisfy] his Lordship as touchinge thys matter of ye Tynnes that he shall thinke yt for her Magesties contentment. for whearas I perceyve my Lord dowtethe that I shall not be able to finde owt the 16 hundred thowsand, I am ^\\now// very well assured, that ther is every yeare browght frome the mynes, 4050 Blokes [=blocks] accordinge to the last paper I sent him. and those conteyne 18 hundred thowsand l weyght. As for ye 40 hundred thowsand, therof whatt to thynke, I will refere yt to his Lordships conceyt, when I have showed him suche Intelligences, as I here have sent yow to showe his Lordship and I doo not dowt but to performe this 18 hundred thowsande pownd weyght fully to her Magestie in the mean whyle. And to make vp her custome which is now about 300l to the full sume of 10 thowsand, without that she shall have cause to lay owt one farthinge. Thus desyringe yow to remember my Lord for me and to showe him thys paper which I have sent yow I byd yow hartely farwell. frome Bishopesgate this present morninge.

Yowre Assured friende.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To his very welbeloved friend Mr Hykes giue thes at my Lord Thresorers loginge at the Cowrte. [seal]

Endorsed (B): 28 March 1595; Erl of oxford

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