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[=65] Cecil Papers 31/11 (bifolium, 315mm x 210mm), Oxford to Burghley; 14 March 1596.

My very good Lord Whearas in my late nootes I sent vnto yowe concerninge the peremptione of Tynne, I vnderstand yat yeare [=there] are sume poyntes wherofe yow wowlde be satisfisde [=satisfied]. And for that, I am ignorant whatt they bee, I knowe not how to doo the same, vnles yt wowlde pleas yowre Lordship by sume meanes as yow shall thynke best to notefie them vnto me.

And whearas I receyved a most fauorable message frome yowre Lordshype by yowre servant Hykes thes shalbe to desyre the continuance of soo good ^\\an// intentione to further my swte [=suit] vnto her Maiestie, whoo althowghe I finde of herself to have oftentymes sundrie good motiones, and dispositiones too doo me good, yet for want of suche a friend as yowre lordship, that may settell her inclinatione to a full effect, I perceyve all my hopes but fucate, and my hapes [=haps, fortunes] to wyther in the herbe. But now settlinge an assured confidence in yowre Lordships profered helpe, and of me, most ernestly, at thys tyme desyred, herafter I will expect, a more frutfull harvest, of my longe labore, puttinge my trust wholy in yowre lordshipe, whose honorable intentione towardes me I pray god to continve, and to giue me herafter meanes to acknowlege, accordinge to yowre merite, and my desyre. This present ye 14 of Marche 1595.

Yowre Lordships to Command

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the ryght honorable & his very good Lorde the Lord Thresorer of England. [seal]

Endorsed (B): 14 Martij; Erle of oxford; Tyn

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