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[=66] Cecil Papers 71/23 (bifolium, 286mm x 200mm), Oxford to Cecil; June 1599 (a Saturday).

I am not att thys present to vse any superfluous circumstances wherfore I hope yow will conceyve never the worse, and beare with the hast of my matter.

Her Magestye hathe of latte by Sir Ihone Foscue and my lord chiefe Iustice imployed my service for the gettinge her of monye wherwythe to supplye a stoke [=stock] to bwye the Tyne yerelye in Cornwaale and Devonshyre.

I found owt sufficient and of the most able Marchantes, willinge and redie with ther monye to lend yt to supplye her Magestye without any pennye of Interreste, to pay her thys present yeare ten thowsande pound, every halfe yere to witt fyve thowsand pounde.

I aduertised the lord chiefe Iustice.

Synthence I have hard [=heard] nothinge tyll Thursday laste, when overnyght I receyved from Sir Ihone Foscue, a letter that at thre of the cloke in the afternone next day they were appoynted by her Magestye to bee wythe me about this matter of the Tyne; at nonetyme [=noon-time] I hadd a messenger from Sir Ihone Foscue, that he hadd not found himselfe yat mornynge well, and therfore he wowld next day be at the same howre with me, whiche was [saterday] \\frydaye//, yat ys yesterday. I attended tyll syx aspectinge [=expecting] ther comminge. I save [=saw] they came not, I mervelled, and sent a man boothe [=both] to Sir Ihon Foscue to know how he dyd, and to my Lord chiefe Iustice, yat yf yt were any matter concerninge her Magestyes seruice yf there were any lett [=let, hindrance], [he wowld] that they cowld not come that they wowld signefie the matter by letter. Sir Ihone wass syke and this day sent me word he takes physike.

My lord chiefe Iustice, for that he was Ioignd [=enjoined] to come with Sir Ihon Foscue, will know her Magestyes plesure further, to morow at the Courte.

In the mean seasone I fynde they have reported nothinge of the matter as they resolued to doo when they were with me, they have not aduertised her Magestie that the monye wass to be hadd, but contrarye [=contrariwise] rather yf yt ^\\be// trwe that I doo here [=hear], that her Magestye hathe no monye in her cofers for this purpose. to what end ys that when she hathe yt redie prepared by her Marchantes. why showld yt be towld her whatt she wanted in her cooffers, and nott whatt her Magestye myght have without any interrest, and the gayne of seven thowsand pounde frome her Marchantes, and herafter a matter of fyften thowsand pound a yeare proved as clere as the sune dothe shyne. for the Quantetie of Tyne beinge supposed Ten hundred thowsand pounde, and that her Maiestie shall bwye yt for fowre markes the hundred, that ys 26l and [th] a Marke the thowsande, whoo dothe not see, that sellinge the same for [-4l] [a hundred] 4s a hundrede yat ys twoo and fortye pounde a thowsand weyght of Tyne, yat her Maiestye gaynes fyftene thowsand pound a yeare, | and thus the Marchantes to bwye yt of the Quiene have agreed with me.

Now yt moves me not a lyttell, that I showldbe thus sett a worke for her Magestyes seruice, and when with my great labor I have effected yt, to be thus mocked; yf they ment yt att the fyrst to overthwart yt why showld they abuse me in her Magestyes name to deale with the Marchantes, and when I have done yt, neyther to lett her Magestye vnderstand yt puttinge them in truste, and sendinge them of porpose to assist me? but contrarie [=contrariwise] by there sylence to neglect the tyme, and with impertinent matters of her Magestye wante of monye in her cofers, to hyd from her the redines of the Marchantes to furnishe this seruice?

I have wrott [=written] to her Magestye, hopinge she will not suffer me imployinge my selfe in her seruice to be rewarded for my labor with a moke [=mock], nor her selfe to be thus abused to have [A] A matter of seven thowsand pound thys yeare with a more assured profitte in the yeares followinge, (by negligence, dulnes, or abuse (for one of thes yt must be) to be oversene and lost, espetiallye puttinge her Magestye to no further cost or travell [=travail] then to the tellinge [=counting] yt into her exchecker.

My desyre therfore vnto yow ys thys, that yow wilbe acknowne [=acknowledged] to [yowre] \\her// Maiestie that I have made yow pryvie that I have written vnto her, and for that I feare in tyme Inowghe [=enough] my letter showld not be redd, & that my hande ys to [=too] troblesume for her Magestye, that I had desyred yow, to move her Magestye for answer therofe, wherby yt may be she will make yow reed the letter and then she shall not be ignorant how her seruice ys conveyed.

And for so muche as I fynde so many yat her Magestye hathe put in truste in thys cause yet when yt comes to the poynt they giue her the slypte [=slip], I wowld most ernestly desyre yow for owre owld aquaintance friendship and affinite sake to ioyne with me in thys seruice, and to offer yowre help to [.e] me in thys matter to her Magestye for I doo assure yow that yt will have an acceptable end to her Magestye and yat counceler shall have no small advantage over the [otth] other which have I cannot tell whatt to terme yt so slowly and dullye or corrputlye [that have] abused frome tyme to tyme [hi] her Magestyes Intentiones towchinge this matter.

And thus muche I assure yow, to incorage yow the more, that lett her Maiestie call bake [=back] this countermande, which stoppethe the Preemptione, and lett yt be declared as ytt wass of her Magestyes Resolutione, to take yt into her handes. And the monye shalbe presentlye supplyed by the Marchantes. And her Magestye shall have cause to giue yow thankes, and I shalbe gladd my travell [=travail] shall nott be so loste. Thus with my ernest desyre to yow to consider the cause accordinge to the hast [=haste], and not [..] accordinge to the disordered dispositione of my letter, I will end and take my leave. for yf her Magestye dothe not presently countermand thys last resolutione, procured from her by concealinge the marchantes redines to furnishe her with monye, she ys leke [=like] to lease [=lose] the benifite of thys yeare, and herafter the whole cause. ||

On [=One] thinge I allso am to remember that ys where I have Named [the] Alderman Banninge to her Magestye whoo hathe bene very prompt and forward to bringe one [=on] the reste [to] of hys Compagnions to this service, for sume cause to desyre her Magestye not to lett his name to be sene or knowne for sum respects in her Magestyes seruice. I wrott of him only that her Magesty myght bothe know his diligence and [fo] yat for my dealinge with the Marchantes he myght wyttnes herafter, how far everythinge was proceded in before thys vnloked for [=unlooked-for] countermande.

Yowre assured friende and lovinge brother.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the ryght honorable and hys very welbeloved friende, Sir Rober [sic] Cecill, her Magestyes principall secretarie and Master of her Wardes. [seal]

Endorsed: Iune 1599; Erle of Oxford to my Mr; concerning Tynne

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