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[=69] BL Landsdowne 86[/66], ff. 169-70 (bifolium; 298mm x 195mm).

Fyrst. when I offerd ^\\to make it// 10 thousandl my Lord of Buchurst offred 7000l. His other offer was yf her Maiestie showld lend 3000l then to yeld her yerly after the fyrst yeare 10000l.

He is fallne frome 7000l to 4000l.

The considerationes

fyrst for that the Tyne Mynes [do] may fayle and yeald sume yeares lesse Tyne then other

Then yf the contrie people vpone stubbernes showld take a discontentment and refuse to worke havinge now other meanes to lyve vpone tillage and fishing.

further that he must giue the [contrye] Tynners for ther tyne as they have at this present, which is 29l or 30l the 1000l weyght

Agayne, the Pevterers must have the same prize they have styll.

Last of all, the Genuois, Venetians, florentines, to have ther libertie gravnted them by the statute

for thes reasones, yf I take yt not, he is to have yt at 4000l more prize then her Maiestie Custome which makes her custome 7000l yerly Whether for thes reasones also, I may not abatte 2000l which I offred before [thys] thes exceptiones, payinge her Maiestie 5000l which is a 1000l more then is offred, and so to make it 8000l bearinge the hasard & aduenture of all these dowtes.

Endorsed: Lord of Buckhurst offer concerninge Tynn

In pencil: 1598.

NB: Documents ff. 167-80. The original transcription [was] Fowler's, and he notes that the document is unsigned. From internal evidence that the price of tin "at this present" is 29 pounds, Fowler dates the document as "after September 29, 1594" when tin was listed at 29 pounds in the list of prices of tin in Ellesmere MS 2349.

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