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[=70] Cecil Papers 25/76 (315mm x 200mm, enclosing another bifolium 305mm x 190mm); ?9 March 1595.

The Tyne whiche is spent in the realme is abowt 300 thowsand l weyght, & for yis her Magestie hathe 40s custome vpone every 1000l weyght.

The Tynne whiche is transported owt of ye Realme is estemed to bee abowt 700 thowsand l weyght, and for every 1000l weyght herofe her Magestie is to have 3l custome.

Vpone every hundred l weyght of Tyne whiche is transported ther is 20d imposed.

So yat her Maiesties Custome of yat which is spent wythein the Realme is 600l

Of yat which is transported 2100l

And the Impositione 583l

Summum Totale

3283l 6s 8d

The Quantite of Tyne beinge no more, yet her Maiestie may make therofe a greater gayne, yf yt shall please her to make the same here [=her] owne commodite. for whearas by her Rattes yt appearethe yat ther is 700 thowsand l weyght of Tyne yerly transported, yf her Magestie at every coynage shall by [=buy] the Tyne into her owne hande payingethe Contrie after the rate of 25l the 1000l weyght,which is after 50s the 100 pownd weyght, then shall she sell at 35l the 1000l weyght, which is after ye Rate of 3l 10s ye hundred, & this is ratede at the easiest,to make yt clere of questione.

And for yat the whoole sume of 700 thowsand l weyght of Tyne comes not in but at twoo Coynages in ye yere, therfore her maiesties stoke [=stock] nedethe to bee the lesse wherfore presupposinge her Magestie is to bwye the halfe of 700 thowsand l weyght of Tyne at 25l the thowsand, she is for thys to lay owt in stoke 8,750l.

Her Magestie bwyinge then at 25l and sellinge at 35l the 1000l weyght of Tyne gaynethe 10l in every 1000l weyght.

So yat for 350 thowsand pownd weyght of Tyne, beinge bowght & sowlde as is sayd before her Maiestie gaynethe at every coynage 3500l sterlinge.

So yat wythe in 3 coynages her Maiestie hathe gayned 10500l and her stoke wholly returned into her handes. And owt of yis gayne a stoke to procede, and so yerly for ever after to make at bothe Coynages 7000l rent.

And herin her Maiestie dothe ^\\but// that by her officer whome soever she shall appoynt which 3 or 4 ingrossers doo yerlye, layinge ther stokes to gether, to the great hindrance of her Magestie and the Realme. for in Monarchie the welthe of the prince is the Riches of ye common welthe, and yet beinge dravne [=drawn] into sume one, or fewe, mens handes savors of a Monopolie, which her Magestie by takinge yt into her owne handes, dothe prevent and remedie.

This way therfore dothe make her Maiesties revenue, of her Tyne mynes to ryse to the sume yerlye by custome, Impositione of the 20d and the takinge of ye Commodite into her owne handes 10283l 6s 8d. |

The Swte [=suit] which I doo most humbly crave of her Maiestie and desyre yowre Lordships fauowre therin to further.

That whearas by ye statute made Anno viijo Henrici viti Caput xviij yt was inacted thatt noo Tyne, nor leade showlde be transported owt of thys Realme, into any partes beyonde the seas except only to the town of Callis [=Calais], vpon payne of forfiture of ye doble value of ye merchandize soo carried or conveyed to any other place then to the staple of Callis

Save only the merchantes of Genova, venice, florence, et cetera to be shypped in the shypes, Gallies, carekes, and other vessels to bringe the same into ther Contries in manner accustomed.

Savinge also ye Burgesses of ye Towne of Berwike.

And whearas a Lycence is gravnted to one Martine for transportations of Tyne whiche beinge nott diligently loked into her Magestie losethe very neare half the custome dwe [=due] to her for ye same, for want of enteringe the Iust weyght as wilbe proved, by comparinge the weyght frome the coynage with the weyght entred to be transported.

May yt therfore pleas her Magestie to gravnt vnto me a lycence soly and only to transport the sayd Commodites of Tynne, and Leade and to no other. I will not only yealde to her Magestie 500l a yeare for a yearly rent, but will also take better care to see the Iust weyght entred wherof her Magesties Customes shalbe better answered then hetherto they have byne.

NB: 25/77 in another hand; endorsed Tyne 94. Next sheet endorsed: Memorandum Concernyng the Tynne; 9 Martij 1594; Erl Oxford

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