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[=71] PRO SP12/252[/49], ff. 96-7; 4 June 1595.

My lord of Buchurst offers her Maiestie 4600l for the preemptione & transportatione of the Tyne.

Carmarthens reasones why yt ys better for her Maiestie to accept of my lord of Buchurst offer, then to take the impositione of a noble vpon the hundred.


1. Yf ther be 15 hundred thowsand pound weyghte thre hundred thousandl must be left for the realme. so there remaynes but 12 hundred thowsande, whiche yeldes her Maiestie but 4000l. so that herby she leasethe 600l.

2. Yf ther be 12 hundred thowsand pound weyghte thre hundred thousandl [+must be] sett apart for the Realme. her Maiestie shall have 3000l so that she leasethe then 16 hundred poundes a yeare.

3. Yf the marchant stranger shall refuse to buye in respect of so great an impositione, then her Maiestie shall have nothinge, and so leas all.

His conclusion therfore is

That yt ys better for her Maiestie to accept my Lord of Buchurstes offer.

Myne answers.

1. To the fyrst I make to exceptiones. fyrst to the suppositione, which he makethe doutfull beinge certeyne. then to the number which is spent within the Realme I affirme [..] (not to be half so muche.

for yt he now supposethe yf ther be 15 hundred thowsand I say from himself, he knoweth yt to be 15 hundred thowsand & therfore he dothe not well in this suppositione. and fyrst I prove yt by his owne assuranc to me, and after by the report whiche he showld have made, or he hathe made to my Lord Thresorer, vnles he hathe delt very dishonestly bothe with her Maiestie, and my self. & yf he now gores from yt, then I will prove yt by them that know yt better then himselfe. And yf therbe 15 hundred thowsand as he supposethe and I shall prove. And that two hundred thowsand be not spent with in the Realme. then ys ther to be thowght 13 hundred thowsand to be transported which at a noble a hundred, comes to 4333l and one noble. so that her my lord of Buchurst is but || 260l and there about over the rekininge. to answer whiche overplus the Marchant stranger whoo payes doble custome, is not rekned which makes to her Maiestie a bygger gayne then the lord of Buchurst hathe offerde.

Besydes wheras his offer may be a great disquietnes and a great indemnite to the twoo shyres of Devonshyre and Cornwale. as also to the English Marchant whoo buyes yt.

Now the impositione dothe not impeache none of the shyers nor the marchentes but yt ys to be raysed by strangers in foreine contries. whoo makes vs pay greater taxationes vpon commodites of lesser value.

The second.

The second poynt dyffers only in number not in reasone frome the fyrst, to that this answer aboue, is for them boothe.

The thyrd.

The reasone is as muche to say as when clothe was at 14 pence, and now at a noble. there is more clothe sowld now then before, and so in leke case in wynes, at 10 grotes a Tune & now at 4 marke ther is as muche drunke as was then. besydes a taxatione of dravinge of wynes throwghe owt the realme. Thus yow may see what weake reasones may be giuen to weaken a good cause when men are not willinge that good causes shoulde take effect for her Maiestie.

And here an end for the comparisone of Carmarthens. betwien the impost and my Lord of Buchurst offer.

But yt ys also necessarie that sythe yowre Lordshipe wowld knowe the secret of this Bargayne, of Tyne, wheras Carmarden hathe sett downe but [this] ^\\twoo// wayes for her Maiestie to consider of [that] ther is a thyrd of more importance then them bothe to be aduised one which is the value of the Tyne, whiche may be worthe Devonshyre and Cornwale 40 thowsand pound a yeare.


That is bowght at 50s ye hundred. And sowld for fyve pound the 100.

Beinge bought at 25l a thowsande which is 40s in a thowsand more then the merchantes have giuen any tyme this 14 yeare, savinge the laste yeare that they put yt vp on purpose.

Yf her Maiestie doo apoynt an Agent he buyinge at 25l he may sell yt for 50l the thowsande which giues gayne a thowsand for a thowsand for 400 thowsand, 80 thowsande. |

LM: ye buy for 3l and sell at 4l 10s ye 100.

Buyinge at 30l a 1000, and sellinge for [forte s] 4s l the thowsand he makes of his 40 thowsand pownd, that is 20 thowsand pound gayne.

LM: 3. ye buy for 3l and sell for 4l ye 100.

Bwyinge for 30l a 1000 and sellinge for 40l a thowsande he gettes 10 thowsande.

[This is better chepe then]

yt ys at this price now without any profitt to the prince, but only for the singuler gayne of the bwyer.

So yt will beare the twoo fyrst prises when her Maiestie shall have her price owt of yt. with greater reasone then now the Quiene havinge nothinge.

Now her Maiestie seing the gaynes to be 20 or 40 thowsand pownde a yeare, as the Agent shall in discretione make yt. I put yt [yt were] to yowre Lordshipes consideratione, whether yt were not convenient that her Maiestie showld have one in Cornwale, and other for Londone, least one of them showld dye, the gaynes rysinge to that value.

But now to the comparisone of this to the impost and my Lord of Buchurstes offer.

1. yf my lord of Buchurste pay but 4600l then the Ager by the fyrst hathe 35 thowsand 400l gayne. here what her Maiestie may resonably demand I leve to yowre lordship.

2. yf he make 20 thowsand pound gayne payinge which is as littell as ever he will make, payinge her Maiestie but 4600 l he gaynes 15 thowsand 400l to himself. a great gayne for a subiect.

3. for the thyrde is [6000l yeare gayne] 5400l gayne her Maiestie beinge payed her 4600l being sowld as yt ys when her maiestie hathe no commodite at all.

LM: Noot [=Note]

That alle customes and othere duties are not impeached [not] by thes bargaynes, but every man payes his duetie to her Maiestie as thowghe this had never ben spoken of.


I praye my Lord pardone my scrybled hand. I have ben this day lett bloode, that I cowld not wright so playne as els I wowld have done for yowre better eas. & for so muche as this way semethe most profitable for her Maiestie I shall crave that Roberts by yowr lordships may have the Agentship for Cornwale. puttinge in for his 20 thowsand pound which is ye half of ye valwe suche surties as are not to be misleked for that two mens assurances is better then one, yf her Maiestie shall leke to procede.

Endorsed: A Patent for Iurors

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