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[=72] Huntington Library EL2335 (bifolium, 312mm x 207mm).

The effect of ye Peuterers sute, with whatt losse & hynderance to her Magesty concerninge her commodite which she may make of her Tyne Mynes.

The sute.

That her Magestye wowld bestowe vpon sume persone to the benifite of 500 pore people which shalbe therby sett aworke, a halpennie vpone every pound. which halpenie ys not raysed of the subiect but the stranger, and therfore her Magesty may the rather giue yt.

An other reasone, that all the strangers, of forene partes, have raysed there commodites to vs & therfore good reasone yat her Magesty showld rays her commodites, also, and especially of this, which beinge one of the rychest in her realme, yet hathe non other prise [=price] then yt hadd fortie yeares a goo.

How thes reasones make for her Maiestie and in not aduisedly, grantinge the sute, how preiuditiall.

Yt ys well knowne yat her Magesty custome growethe by the commodites which are caried out of her land, and suche as are browght in. Of the commodites which goethe owt, there ys not a more rycher then thys of Tyne. yf yt shall pleas her Magesty to loke with good consideratione, and aduise of faythefull councell therin, which thinge hathe bene amplye and in sundrie particularites sett downe to her Magesty yet as yt semes not so considered of and examminde, as were fytt in a matter of suche importance. for yat those were the Arbitrers & iugges yat sought to them selues the commodite, and hadd authorite so to confound yt with counterfett obiectiones, yat her Magesty showld not vnderstand yt, or so to suppres yt, yat at ther oportunite, and best aduantage; when her Magesty least thinkes therone or lokes into yt, or hathe forgotten the very substance therof, they may carrie yt away. which at this tyme in thys [last] sute of Barres they have done, for havinge suppres [=suppressed] yt tyll they thowght her Magesty had forgotten yt, and yat there was none redie to put her in mynde, now they have reuyved [=revived] the same, and vrgd yt to her, with all hast yat may be. But now I will show how vnfitt yt ys yat her Magesty showld yeld vnto this matter.

fyrst yat her Magesty showld rayse a halpenie on ye pound. the reasones are sett downe before & very good, so yat yt be knowne, what this halpenie amountethe, what yt inducethe, & wherin yt may preiudice.

yf the memories [=memoranda, notes] be loked into [whoo] whatt quantetie of Tyne, ys ^\\yerlye// transported owt of this land, at the least there appeare ten hundred thowsand Blokes [=blocks]. A bloke by auncient custome ofte [=ought] to be 250l weyght, wherin also ys to be remembred, yat the pound there, ys 20z to the pound. But now by vse there are fewe blokes, cast vnder [a] 300 and 400l weyght commonly, and so mountinge to 500, 600 and 700l weyght. Thes Blokes, beinge transported by the marchant, when he hathe bowght hys blokes, howsoever the wynde [stey] serues or his prouisione of shippinge requirethe hast [=haste], yet must he stey the castinge of thes Blockes into Barres, for which also he must pey a halpennye in the pound.

Now then yt ys to be considered what her Magesty hathe giuen. this sute cannot be lesse worthe then ten thowsand pound, by yat tyme I have disclosed every particuler. [A] And || to consider what yt Inducethe.

this halpenie thus raysed to the benifite as yt appeares to the benifite of the compagnie of Pewterers. Sythe her Magesty hathe hadd so good a consideratione of her pore subiects, yt ys reasone also, that she benifites her selfe. and therfore yf she will as she may without any reasone to the contrarie, rayse the other happenye, then sume one noble man or other whome yt shall please her Magesty [may be] to bestowe yt one [=on], may yeld her sume 300l, 500l, or perhapes a 1000l [which] a yere for the same to have yt in farme, which is very muche for so smale a matter, and yt ys better, for her Magesty to have sumthinge then nothinge.

This beinge thus obteyned, yf the other happenie amonge the Peuterers be worthe ten thowsand pound, then this halpenye, ys as muche more.

Now how he [and] gaynes and what to whome her Magesty grauntethe the sute.

fyrst vpon the fyrst halpennye.

The fyrst halpennye, ys but an Inducement, in respect of the getter to the second halpeny: yet of this fyrst halpennye, yeldes him no small profite. for the sute beinge gotten, he yat hathe yt cales [=calls] for the Masters and wardens of the compagnie, and tels them suche a sute, he hathe gotten for there benifite. but yet he dothe loke also for sume commodite to himself. Therfore yt ys agreed, That fyve of them or six of the most substantiall whome he pleasethe to nominat, shall have this commodite vnto them, payinge to him quarterly 500l or a 1000l ^\\duringe the tyme of the graunt// ye [=yea] besydes shares also they were bownd to pay. As to Sir Ihon Foscue, My Lord of Buchurst sune, Carmarden, Mr George Gyfford, and many moo, yerely payments of 100l, 50l, sume 300l, [and] duringe the graunt, by whiche appearethe the commodite. And yf they can giue thus muche out yt ys to be thowght, they have as muche or more for them selues. And yt ys here agayne to be remembred how they bwye, Tyne, 20z to the pound, and sell after 16z the pound, wherby, they rayse there gayne the easlyer as herafter [at] in more convenience shalbe showed.

Now this commodite dravne [=drawn] frome the fyrst halpennye, [..] wherof her Magesty knowes not that he hathe any thinge or at the least made beleue but sume smale consideratione. Then he sekes, to bringe the other halpenye one [=on] & carfully puts her Magesty in [hand] mynde, to consider her self, and to [.] rayse yt to an other halpennie which ys but a pennye in the pound, which ys nothinge sythe Tyne ys sould now as yt was fortie yeares agoo et cetera. and for this he will giue her sume suche sume as hathe bene sayd before. which obteyned he hathe then this halpenye whole to him self payinge her Magesty a very smalle matter, and so good a share in the other, as may be a good revenue for any Barron in England.

To conclud therfore I am now come to show what preiudice this [.] ys to her Magesty fyrst she giues away, vnder cullor of this lesser part the most part of the commodite, which she showld make of her Munerall matter of Tyne which ys called the great sute. for thes two halpennies import not lesse, I am sure then ten thowsand pound a yeare. Whiche beinge giuen away, How will those Merchantes or whosoever showld farme the commodite, be redie to vndertake yt, when her Magestye || before hand, hathe clypt ten thowsand pound therof ye [=yea], I beleue twentie. They that take yt, must att the least ley owt in stoke, 20 or 30 thowsand pound, which they will never doo when they shall pay out the custome of the pennye, To them that shall farme yt also. yt ys a great hindrance to ther trafike to be dryvene, to stey castinge yt into Barres. By this in the end, may be sene, vnder the pretence of the lyttell sute, they have gotten, yf her Magesty suffer yt to passe the great, which seruis to bringe only to her Magesty was yt I desyred, to do her.

Yt ys no mervell yat they have put her Magesty owt of conceyt with the great, when vnder the pretence of thys smale they can carye yt so cunninglye, that they will iuggel yt so cleane, owt of her Magestyes fingers, as she shall never have any sence or felinge therof.

And further, which ys to be aduertised, how muche ys her Magesty Abused in thys that she ys made beleue, she releus [=relieves] 500 pore people of her subiects, whearas in dede she benifites 5 or 6 of the rychest sort, and nothinge att all the pore. And this ys the reasone, the workmen, they worke vnder thes masters of the compagnie and have ther dayes hyre [or] wikes or monthes, accordinglye, yt ys the Master, that bwyes the Tyne, and after yt ys wrowght into Bares & lygates that makes his aduantage therof, the seruant or his laborer, hathe no more then he hadd before, hys day wages and allowance.

So to a warden of the Peuterers and a few masters of the Compagnie whose faces her Magesty never save [=saw], whoo never dyd her or the commonwelthe seruice or are able, shall have the Fortune to be infenitly benifited and inryched by her & I that only desyre to make yt knowne vnto her, what a ruine and manyfest losse vnto the great matter of Tyne yt ys, how she giues away to others, that shall never thanke here [=her] for yt, sythe they have gotten yt by ther owne cunninge, and industrie not by her intentione or lyberalite ^\\shall nether have thankes or acceptance// for yf she knew yt were the great matter from whiche her selfe hathe bene discoraged, by [-a] callinge yt an innovatione and Taxatione to the subiect. And that none wowld vndertake, to deale in yt, yt was so dangerous. Now that she showld sensible [=sensibly] perceyve how themselues have gotten yt frome her and make 20 thowsand pound a yeare therofe, An [=And] no exclamatione, or any that grieve or complayne, I am sure she will repent and disleke. But thus yt ys, and so must be, yf she lett [yt to] her gyft procede.

Tyme will not giue leaue to sett downe, every particularite, wherfore I will refer yt to other remembrances, yf her Magesty shall dispose, to here them.

Endorsed (O): Remembrances concerninge the castinge Blokes of Tyne into Barrse or Lygets.

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