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[=73] Huntington Library EL2336 (single sheet, 305 mm x 205mm).

By her Magestye havinge the Preemption of Tyne or any other Commodite in her Realme.

By her Tyne she ys to rayse her Commodite to her self.

Preemtione By Imposition

Agaynst her preemtione, a thynge not to be denyed, ther ys no more to be sed, only this to satisfiese [=satisfy] and clere the imposition, in augmentinge the fyve grotes, to Ten.

A thinge by them Intended, very well knowne to my self & wowld in tyme passe, as by experience yowre lordshipe sees. for no dowt the sute of the Peuterers once graunted, as yt had bene now, and many tymes hertofore had yt not bene opposed agaynst. It inducethe the raysinge of a halpennye to her Magesty and after consequently the ten grotes. for yf yowre Lord, do well conceyve my notes which I have sent yow, yow may obserue, yat the Marchant by his allowance of twentie pound weyght more to the hundred, which ys syx score pound weyght, gaynes Ten shyllinges and ten pence, sythe Tyne ys sowld ordinariely in the Realme & londone for sixpence halpennye. Wherfore thowghe they seme in show, that hardly they wowld be browght to ten grotes, yet inded [=indeed] they boothe desire yt and intend yt after this manner I have sett downe, And not without reasone, sythe by [.] the gayne they have of that Ten shyllinges and ten pence yt ys easie for them to spare owt of yt the Ten grotes. & besydes her Magestyes owne Commodite by the number of so many impositions, serues for an obscurment to the great, which by no meanes they wowld have knowne or yat her Magesty showld loke into. But her Magesty takinge the Preemptione all thes shyftes are taken away. for her Magesty makinge the Tyne her owne Commodite ther ys no suche allowance in the weyght, but yt commethe cler vnto her self. so yat by the preemtione only yat ys saued and her Magesty gaynethe therby Eyght thowsand fyve hundred pound more and aboue the custome of fyve grotes. And in my notes I dyd not sett yt doune as a thinge done but intended, informinge her Magesty that yt and the other beinge giuen away by her Magesty how therby when she wowld at any tyme herafter loke into her prerogatiue yt wowldbe to [=too] late. And so may be a great hynderance.

The other for Impositione for twopence, the Commodite beinge her Magestyes she may rayse the price and sell yt as she shall thynke best. And sythe the Marchant in transportinge the Tyne owt of the Reame [=realm] into Seria [=Syria] and Turchie make two thre and oft fowre shillinges a pound of Tyn there ys reasone for her Maiestie, beinge a Commodite yet vnraysed to impose two pence, which in fowre shillinges gayne they may very well allow her, and thys twopens touchethe no whitt the subiect, sythe yt ys payed by forriners, for the marchant raysethe yt there agayne.

Yf the Marchants vpon an obstinat opinion, hopinge to discorage her Magesty showld stand with her, she hathe thre bridels to retayne them with.

fyrst there owne Necescite, for Tyne beinge one of there chyfest laddes they cannot spare yt. secondly ther ys a statute I take yt in Edward the iijd tyme, that for suche a quantite of Tyne transported the Marchante oft [=ought] to bringe in suche an other quantite. | or proportione of gould Bullione [int] and deliuer yt into the Towre, yt ys so long agoo yat I dyd pervse [=peruse] yat statute thinkinge this Matter had bene no more to be revyved, that tyll I loke yt over agayne, I cannot certeynly sett yt downe. But for that, in that, yowre Lordship knowes better, I thowght yt not amis to put yowre Lordship in remembrance therof. They have no dowt incurred the danger of this statute. And althowghe her Magesty perhapes will not take the aduantage of the forfiture, yet yt ys no smalle brydall to Insolent and obstinat persons, to range them vnto reasone.

The Thyrd ys, that yt ys not of necescite, that her Magesty havinge taken the preemptione of Tyne that she must sell yt to them, but yf they will seme as yt were to contrast with her Magestye, she may sell yt to the Genevois & Florentines whoo will no dout doble yf she will the custome, for the stranger in every commodite payethe doble custome.

But what? they will make a number of obiectiones which have all bene fully answered ouer and over agayne. And so longe as her Magesty will giue eare, and giue them credit in yt that hope to share yt amonge them selues she shall never fynd an end.

But most of there obiections yf they be obserued, wilbe found in the particulers afore named, which all by her Magesty Preemptione are put to silence. What her Magesty thinkes of the impositione of twopence, I know not, but this I am sure, the same reasones which moved her to graunt the Pewterers ther sute, have in them muche more force for her self.

But as the graunt gooes yt ys far greater then ever I thowght they durst have presumed, for by havinge yt to them and there successe [=successor] and so the sharers with them, from them agayne to them and there heyres herby [=hereby] her Magesty Prerogatiue for yat commodite my thinke [=methinks] ys giuen away frome the Crowne.

Where all the Tyne they fynd not browght to the coynage ys giuen them absolutlye, and the Marchent put by, have they not herin done the same for them selues, which I wowld exhort her Magesty to doo for her self. the coynage lastethe for certayne dayes and tymes of the yeare [to] only durynge the weyghinge and stampinge, but The Tyne ys dygged out of the Myne in the tyme of the vacatione. Wher Thes Pewterers now rydinge downe with ther stoke, wyll by [=buy] vp and agree with the Tynemaster at the mynes. And thus beinge bowght vp will by vertue of there gravnt bringe yt to the stamp. so yat wheras I desyre yat her Maiestie showld turne owte the Marchant so she dothe, but in that I crave she showld do yt for her selfe, she hathe giuen yt to the Pewterers. A halpennye in dede, which to the vttermost accordinge to ye rate by which I make the account comes to two thowsand fyve hundred pound but by this large manner of graunt yt ys a Nemo sit. And yt ys apparent [her Magesty] that they have obscurly included in there graunt the very preemptione.

As for the caveat in the end I will say lyttell, but by yt, a startinge hoole ys left for a good excuse [when] yf ever herafter the obsurdite [=absurdity] in yeldinge to so great a guyle showld come in quesitone.

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