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[=76] Huntington Library EL2345 (312mm x 205mm).

A Brief Noote concerninge her Magestyes Commodite of Tyne

There ys transported owt of the Realme one yere with an other twelue hundred thousand pounde weyght of Tyne.

The Marchant that bwyes [=buys], at the Beame, ys allowed twentie ounces to the pound. He seles [=sells] after sixtene ownces to the pound. He payes custome fyve grotes [=groats] vpon every hundred. So yat in every pounde he gaynes fowre ownces. which gayne dischargethe his custome. The reste he hathe libertie to make his owne profite.

To make this her owne Commodite, as her Magesty may, yt wowld be a great increas [to her benifite] and not lesse then ten thowsand pound a yere to her cofers, which beinge neglected is gotten from her by meane persones which greatly inryche themselues.

But for so muche as thys great Matter is condemned to obscurite, sythe there hathe bene to [=too] muche revealed alreadie

Ther ys a deuice to drave [=draw] the same vnder titels and meane showes into the hands of other priuat persones, which seinge the gayne thes Merchantes make, meane eyther to share wythe them, or to [take yt or] translate yt from them, to themselues. Bothe notwithstandinge concurringe in this, to discorage her Magesty frome lokinge into yt, & rather ^\\then// her Magesty showld by knowinge the trwe profit therof, and the ryght way to rays yt, share yt amonge them. To bringe which to passe, yt hathe ben connongely [=cunningly] plotted to distinguishe the whoole sut [=suit] into thre branches, makinge every branche seme an other sute, and of an other Nature, althowgh tendinge to one puropse, to distribute amonge themselues [ther] the Commodite which of ryght ys dwe [=due] and fittest to her Magesty. Thes Branches then are only to be sett a foote, maskt and viserd so yat they in no wise seme chyldren of the first, wherof I have spoken.

The fyrst Branche ys, and thowght fyttest, to begine with all [=withal] ys this sut now moved in the behalfe of The Pewterers, which is this, That yt will please her Magestye to the benifit of that compagnie to restrayne yat no Tyne showld be caried away owt of the land, But that yt showld fyrst by the Peuterers be cast into to Bares And lyngates. And for yat to be allowed a halpenye in every pound.

Now then this sut made so lyttell ys to be considered yf yt be so or no. Twelue hundred thowsand pound weight carried owt of the land payes twelue hundred thowsand happenies [=half-pennies] to the pewterers. this comes to fyve thowsand pound a yeare. |

Then ys indused the second branche yat sythe her Magestye hathe bene so benificiall to her subiects for there reliefe, she hathe [alredie] reasone also to remember herself & therfore yf yt shall pleas her to take [a hal] the other halpenye and impos a pennye one [=on] the pound which ys not gatherd frome her subiects but frome strangers & forriners, a smale thinge, then he yat moues yt or for himself or friend will giue her Magesty for the same, sume [=some] thre or fowre hundred pound, which ys sumthinge to her cofers she hathe nothinge of the other halpenie. this small sute ys in ‘quall proportione with the former, and importethe also other fyve thowsand pound by the same rekeninge.

This inducethe an other of the consort, to his part and branche, and yat must be thus.

That wheare as her Magesty hathe raysed her Customes vpon every other Commodite throwghe the realme, except this of Tyne and Leade, sythe yt ys one of the greatest commodites that she hathe, and that Tyne beares but the same prise now, which yt dyd fortye yeares agoo, she may with great reasone wheras she ys payed, but fiue grotes custome for every hundred pound weyght of Tyne, rayse yt to Ten grotes, and he wilbe yf yt pleas her her farmer for yt giuinge her, as yt shall please him to offer, more for his owne commodite then her Magestyes, as they [+did?] before in the other twoo branches felowes to this. And this ys, two thousand and one hundred pound.

The reasones why her Magestye showld passe thes thre branches I confes are to be allowed. But yet not in that manner. for by thys her Magestye ys browght to giue that she knowes not, to inriche others [that doe] and defraud her self. Now therfore I doo affirme, yt, That this sute thus branched, beinge every on [=one] allowable by themselues, to the Commodite of priuat persones, Retyred to the fyrst sut agayne, which hathe ben layd aslepe, yt were muche more resonable for her Magesty to wake yt her self, and to take the whole commodite of Tyne into her owne hands. Havinge now by thes smale sutes discouerd how to rays [=raise] the great, for yt ys no more but [the] as they deuided the great into partes, to shadow the profit, so for her to gather the partes, in to the hole [=whole], and by there meanes, [rays that] to rays yt to [her] ^\\the// full and intier [=entire] commodite of her self.

So yf her Maiestie [to] imposethe the ten grotes vpon the hundred pownd weyght, The pennye one [=on] every pound, she [she] sees how then he hadd reasone that proferd Ten thowsand pound a yeare. And yf thes her subiects may so resonablie doo yt why showld yt be made so difficult and obscure for her Magestye, And this which they disiointed into partes ys no more, then the whole commodite of the Tyne whiche by thes Blynders they wowld robb yt from her Magestye. for her Assignes who so ever she shall pleas to appoynt, must have Authorite to impos the Ten grotes one [=on] every hundred, and the pennie one [=on] every pound weyght of Tyne, That shalbe transported so th'effect ys all one, but not ye Manner & purpose. for | there intent ys to profite themselues, and this which I doo ys to aduance yt to her Magestye, without any respect. But yf any by reward no [=not?] deceyt and Therfore in dutie I do Informe her Magesty that she may se how she dothe vtterly mayme the great matter to herself, yf ever she shall herafter have intentione to make yt her owne Commodite, but giuinge passage vnto thes inferior sutes.

Endorsed (O): A Brief Informatione concerninge ye Matter of Tyne.

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