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[=77] Huntington Library EL2349 (single sheet, 300mm x 205mm).

NB: List of prices of tin 1571 to 1592 (evidently mentioned in EL2338), with the following left-marginal note in Oxford's hand:

By this yt appearethe, yat for 23 yeares, most ordinarely, Tyne was sowlde at twentye three pound ye thowsand, one yeare with an other.

Now at thre Coynages yt ys brought to thyrtye one pownde ten shyllynges, and yt ys thowghte that at the next coynage yt will be thyrty three pownde a thowsand of Tyne.

They have noo reasone to doo thys but only too [=to] crosse her Magestye and yat thre or fowre Ingrossers myght kepe thys secret gayne, styll in there handes, of whiche Ingrossers Teyler the Alderman ys one, the father in lave [=law] to Myddelltone, whome her Magestye hathe Imployed, in thys seruice to be the better informed.

Wherin ys to be noted, that Roberts, Allderman Cachers sune in lave, for yat reasone was in a manner obiected agaynst, althowghe yt cannot be denyed, that ^\\he// ys boothe a sufficient and honest [man] \\man// and which ys chyefly to be respected, all his motiones were for her Magestyes profitt.

The Tyne thys yeare proves to be in greater quantite then yt hathe bene thys fortye yeare, Wherby her Magesty may see by thes delayes which are procured after the rate of fortye thowsand pound layd owte, as I sett yt playnlye downe \\what// she hathe lost, & at this tyme as the yere faules owt, yt ys not fortye thowsand pound, yat wyll buye vp the Tyne.

Sythe then the quantite of Tyne ys so muche which showes they dyd nott well to discorage her Magesty that made yt so scarce, & that there is noo need why this commodite which this 23 yeares hathe stood at a resonable price, now when her Magesty offred thre pounde more in certeynte then ever yett they hade of ordinarie, to be raysed.

Her Maiesty as well as they which are the Ingrossers that rayes yt vp to ten pound the thowsand which is twentye shyllinges the hundred, for there aduantage, for her owne profitt may rayes yt to halfe therof which ys fyve pound the thowsand & ten shyllinges the hundred. |

(overleaf, upside down) Yf her Magesty shall impose ten shyllinges one [=on] the hundred, yat ys fyve pound, the thowsand. My swte ys, that her Magestye wyll lett me be her farmer [...] payinge fyve thowsand pound a yeare, to her for the same.

Yf yer Maiestie shall, sett bothe vpon Tyne and leade, ten shyllinges one [=on] the hundred of Tyne, and fortye shyllinges one [=on] every foder of leade, I desyre to farme them at syx thowsand pound a yeare.

And vpon thys Impositione, wherby her Magesty may crose [=cross] them iustly that have hyndred her, The prise of the Tyne fallinge agayne, I will giue over my pattent, findinge, her Agentes of good value & sufficientie [=sufficiency?] suche as she shall nott refuse, to performe that office of Agentie in all sortes as I have informed, her Magesty hertofore. so yat all thowghe her Magesty be crossed for thys yeare, of yat Commodite which otherwis consyderinge the great quantyte of Tynes the Mynes doo yealde she myght have hade, yet by thys meanes she may this yeare have syx thowsand pound, therof, and yf the bargeyne of Agentie shalbe more profitable, the Tyne by thys meanes browght downe, my pattent shal sease, and I will have in a redines Agentes sufficient and not to be excepted agaynst, which shall effect yat whiche her Magestye ys to look for.

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