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m 523

Where the Righte honorable Iohn Devere late Earle of Oxenforde deceased in his life tyme aswell in Considerac{i}on of goode Counsell to him geven & to be geuen and also for true & faithfull s{er}uice to him the said Earle to be had & done as for diu{er}se & sondrye other good & Reasonable Considerac{i}ons him therunto sp{ec}iallye movinge by his seu{er}all dedes seu{er}allye to diu{er}se p{er}sones did giue & graunte diu{er}se & sundrye offices ffees & ann{ui}ties for terme of their naturall lives y{a}t is to saye to S{i}r Will{ia}m Cordell knighte M{aste}r of the Rowles the Stewardshippe of the Mano{r} of

m 523d

Lavenh{a}me with the ffee of xls by yere. To Henrye Goldinge the constableshippe of the Castle of Campes the kepinge of the p{ar}ke and Baylywicke there with the yerely ffee of xli xjs iijd out of the same Mano{r} for thex{er}cisinge of the same office. And also one ann{ui}tie of xxli by yere goinge out of the Mano{r} of Thornecombe To Rob{er}te xpomas [=Christmas] the kepinge of the p{ar}ke of Lavenh{a}me with vjli yerelye for the fee of the same & xxli yerely goinge out of the land{es} & ten{emen}t{es} of the said Earle in the Countye of Chester to Iohn Turno{r} the gen{er}all Surveyorshippe of all the said Earles land{es} with the yerely ffee of xxli for the ex{er}cisinge of the same goinge out of the said mano{r} of Lavenh{a}me. To Iohn Boothe the kepinge of Colney Parke w{i}t{h} vjli yerelye ffee. to Rob{er}te Reade the Baylywicke of Bumsted w{i}t{h} lxs yerelye ffee. To Thomas Bacon The Bailywicke of Lavenh{a}me with the yerelye fee of iiijli. To Iohn Lovell one yerelye ann{ui}te of xli goinge out of the Mano{r} of Campes. To George Tyrrell one yerely ann{ui}tie [vjs] vjli xiijs iiijd goinge out of the Mano{r} of Hedingh{a}me. And also to Edwarde Clere xxli by yere out of the Mano{r} of thornecombe. To Iohn Davye one ann{ui}tie of xls goinge out of the Mano{r} of Lavenh{a}m. To Richarde Woode the Bailywicke of Whitchurche w{i}t{h} iiijli out of the said Mano{r} for the ex{er}cisinge of the same to Iohn Clenche the Stewardshippe of Certen Landes in the Countye of Buck' with the ffee of xls p{er} ann{um} to Will{ia}m Brewster the kepinge of the p{ar}ke of Hedingh{a}me the Constableshippe of the Castle There & Thoffice of Bayliwicke w{i}t{h} ye ffee of xvijli xxd for thex{er}cisinge of the same offic{es} & also one ann{ui}tie of vjli xiijs iiijd out of the Mano{r} of Hedingh{a}me To Thomas ffowle one ann{ui}tie of xli out of the mano{r} of Lavenh{a}me To Thomas Phippes & Iane his wife one ann{ui}tie of xiijli vjs viijd of the land{es} in the Countye of Hertf' And to Anthonye Stapleton ^\\xiijli vjs viijd// yerelye duringe his naturall life for his Councell geven & to be geven vnto the said Earle & to Iohn Turno{r} for his s{er}uice done & to be done vnto the said Earle one ann{ui}tie or yerelye ffee of xli duringe his naturall life out of the mano{r} of Lavenh{a}me & diu{er}se other ffees to sundrye of the Councello{r}s & Trustye s{er}uant{es} of the said Earle the paym{en}t of w{hi}ch said fees & ann{ui}ties haue bene differred eu{er} since the death of the said late Earle aswell of purpose to haue the said deedes of grauntes trulye p{ro}ued to be sealed & deliu{er}ed as the seu{er}all dedes of the said late Earle as also for that the Quenes ma{ies}tie mighte be made privie therevnto before anye allowance thereof sholde passe. And nowe forasmuche as the said seu{er}all graunt{es} haue bene seu{er}allye p{ro}ued to be the seu{er}all dedes of the late Earle & deliu{er}ed by the said Earle as his dedes before Com{m}issioners appointed for the findinge of th'office after the death of the said Earle & be founde & entred in The said office And forasmuche also as the Q{uene} hir ma{ies}tie hath bene made privye thereunto & hath therevpon signified hir pleas{uer} in this Courte by a bill signed w{i}t{h} hir moste gracious hande & signed [for sealed?] w{i}t{h} hir signet & Rem{aining} in this honorable Courte of Recorde & by the same authoriseth hir Trustye & welbeloued Councello{r} S{i}r Will{ia}m Cecill Knighte M{aste}r of hir ward{es} & liu{er}yes & the Reste of the Councell of this Courte by their discrec{i}ons to allowe by decree or other order in the said Courte all or suche of the said graunt{es} as to them shalbe thought Conveniente aswell for the tyme sithens the possess{ions} of the said late Earle came vnto the Q{uene} hir highnes hand{es} by the minoritye of the nowe Earle as also duringe the tyme as the same possess{ions} or anye of them be & shalbe & Rem{ain} in the said Q{uene} hir highnes hand{es} & ffor suche further & so longe tyme as to the said m{aste}r of the said ward{es} & liu{er}yes & the Councell of the said Courte sholde be thoughte Requisite & nedefull And the said bill assigned sholde be a sufficiente dischardge to the m{aste}r of the ward{es} & liu{er}yes & the said Counsell to passe the same by decree or other order in the said Courte & also good warrante to the Rec{eiver} to make payment of the same & to thaudito{r} to make allowance for the same from time to time accordinge vnto the said order touchinge the p{re}miss{es} as by the said bill assigned Rem{aining} in this honorable Courte as before is said doth at lardge more playnlye appeare. Wherevpon the firste daye of maye in this p{rese}nte Terme of Easter it is ordered & decreed by the Righte Honorable S{i}r Will{ia}m Cecill knighte principall Secretarye to the said Q{uene} hir highnes & M{aste}r of hir Courte of wardes & liu{er}yes & by the Councell of the same Courte in forme as foloweth That is to saye that all the said p{er}sones before sp{ec}ified & named shall haue & enioye all theire said seu{er}all ffees & ann{ui}ties before Rehersed accordinge to their said seu{er}all graunt{es} & assuranc{es} & also shall haue & enioye all th'arr{era}g{es} of the same ann{ui}ties & ffees & other p{ro}fitt{es} to them seu{er}allye granted as is before [=i.e., beforesaid?]. Prouided also y{a}t where before it appeareth that diu{er}se of the said ann{ui}ties be goinge oute of diu{er}se mano{res} land{es} & ten{emen}t{es} w{hi}ch be at these p{resen}t{es} [sic] in the possess{ion} of the nowe Earle the Quenes ma{ies}t{ies} Warde & com{m}e to him as a purchasor. yt is nowe Ordered y{a}t the same shalbe paide out of suche of the Mano{res} land{es} & ten{emen}t{es} as be appointed to hir ma{ies}tie for hir thirde p{ar}te for that hir highnes hath more then a full thirde p{ar}te & for that also the Q{uenes} ma{ies}t{ies} pleas{ure} is they sholde so be payde accordinge to the teno{r} of hir highnes said warraunte in suche Maner & forme & at suche dayes & tymes as are cont{ained} in their seu{er}all grant{es} thereof. And also for & duringe all suche tyme & tymes as the possess{ions} of the late Earle shall Rem{ain} in the saide

m 524

Quenes highnes hand{es} by reason of the minoritie of the said nowe Earle yf the said M{aste}r and Counsell shall so think it mete and convenient & make no order hereafter to the contrary And that this p{rese}nte order and decree shalbe aswell a sufficiente warr{au}nte to the Receiuo{r} gen{er}al of this honorable Courte & to the Baylifes and farmo{res} of the said nowe Earle to paye the said ffees and ann{ui}ties yearlye to the p{er}sones before sp{ec}ially named accordinge to the purpose of the said seu{er}all grantes as also to the auditor or auditors for the allowaunce of the same duringe the tyme appointed and orderid by this decree. And furthermore it ys ordered by the said M{aste}r and Counsell that all p{er}son & p{er}sones that hereafter shalbe by them admitted to enioye any other fees & ann{ui}ties to them graunted by the said late Earle shall haue and enioye in like mane{r} the benefite of this p{rese}nte order & decre in as large maner as the p{er}sones before sp{ec}iallye named shall or may do. Prouided allwaies that yf her Ma{ies}tie shall lack of a iijde p{ar}te or of somuche as she oughte to haue by reason of the allowaunce of the said ann{ui}ties that then the said M{aste}r and Counsell maye & shall at all tymes hereafter take vp the residue of the land{es} & ten{emen}tes of the said Earle so muche as shall make a full third p{ar}te or somuche as her highnes of righte oughte to haue. Prouided also that the said M{aste}r and Counsell may at anny tyme hereafter vpon suche considerac{i}on as to them shall seme Reasonable Revoke the allowaunce of all the same ann{ui}ties or of so many of them as they shall thinck mete & convenient anny thinge in this [in this] decre to the contrary in any wise notwithstandinge.

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