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OXDOX Rationale

Only a small fraction of documents useful to understanding the life of Edward de Vere 17th earl of Oxford have been published; of those that have been published, many are published only in part, or in modernized English.

The purpose of OXDOX is to make full, diplomatic transcriptions of original documents available to the public.

Many of the documents, especially Chancery, Requests, and Star Chamber cases housed at the PRO, concern Oxford only marginally: frequently they reflect disputes among individuals who purchased Oxford's properties. Nevertheless, these often make reference to individuals, including current owners, who were once Oxford's servants, or stood in a dependent relationship to him.

Many documents of the Chancery type are in a deteriorated condition. Though they are now well looked after, they were obviously once stacked in piles, where the outer edges of larger documents - and some are very large indeed - were exposed to the atmosphere, to dirt, and even to the attentions of mice and rats.

On the assumption that no document will ever be more legible than it is the first day one inspects it, every attempt has been made to recover as much of the text as possible, especially by the use of ultra-violet light.

The transcriber - Alan H. Nelson - makes no claim as to the accuracy of the transcriptions, though he has done his best. He welcomes, and indeed encourages, questions and corrections.

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