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Permissions Relative to Oxford's 77 Letters

Permissions to post transcriptions of Oxford's letters on this website have been secured from the British Library (BL), the Public Record Office (PRO), Hatfield House (CP for "Cecil Papers"), the Huntington Library, and the Essex Record Office (ERO). Permission granted by the latter comes with the proviso that the ERO itself is not necessarily the ultimate copyright holder of documents in its collection. Alan H. Nelson declares himself prepared to defer to any party or parties capable of establishing copyright in the ERO document (=44).

Alan H. Nelson asserts copyright in his transcriptions only to the extent that no other person or institution may claim them as his, her, or its own. He grants blanket permission to cite any of his transcriptions in whole or in part, verbatim or by way of modernization, on the sole condition that the user acknowledge the source.

But note: Permission to reproduce or to incorporate any substantial part of any letter posted on this website, whether verbatim or in modernized English, on any other website or in any printed publication, must be secured afresh from the appropriate institution.

Suggestion: Owners of other websites may be able to satisfy copyright and permission requirements by inserting a link to documents on this website, in lieu of copying materials from this website onto another website.