45C Lectures [C. Altieri]


Curriculum Vita

Visual aids


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Visual Materials

Albers, Homage to the Square, 1959
Arp, Tete, moustache, bouteille, 1929
Balla, Hand of the Violinist, 1912
Balla, Speed and Landscape, 1913
Balla, Street Light, 1909
Bomberg, In the Hold, 1913
Bomberg, The Mud Bath, 1914
Brancusi, Bird in Space, 1919
Braque, A tire d'aile, 1959
Braque, Composition a l'as de trefle, 1913
Braque, Etude
Braque, Houses at Estaqet, 1909
Braque, Jeune Fille a la guitare
Braque, Le Billard, 1944
Braque, Le Duo, 1937
Braque, Les usines, 1910
Braque, Landscape at Antwerp
Braque, Nature morte table de marbre
Braque, Nude, 1907
Braque, Petite bale, 1907
Braque, The Table, 1928
Braque, Viola, 1912
Cezanne, Bacchanal d'Amour
Cezanne, Estaque, 1890
Cezanne, Hanged Man's House
Cezanne, Man with Crossed Arms
Cezanne, Mt. Sainte-Victoire, Courtwald
Cezanne, Mt. Sainte-Victoire, 1897
Cezanne, Mt. Sainte-Victoire, 1806
Cezanne, Mt. Sainte-Victoire, 1900-06
Cezanne, Rocks at Fountainebleu
Cezanne, Still Life with Apples
Cezanne, Still Life with Pitcher
Cezanne, Still Life, 1879-82
Cezanne, The Bather, 1885-90
Cezanne, View
Chamberlain, D. James, 1962
Dali, Spector of the Day
De Chirico, Nostalgia, 1913
Degas, Ballet Class, 1874
Degas, Dancers in the Wings
deKooning, Painting, 1948
Delaunay, Simultaneous Windows
Demuth, Apples and Bananas
Demuth, Stairs, 1920
DiChirico, Uncertainty, 1913
Duchamp, From Virgin to Bride
Duchamp, Nude Descending the Staircase
Epstein, Jacob Kramer, 1921
Epstein, Mother and Child, 1913
Epstein, Torso in metal
G-Brzeska, Red Stone Dancer
Gauguin, Spirit of the Dead, 1892
Gauguin, The Moon & Earth
Grant, Interior, 1915
Gris, Le Tourangeau, 1918
Gris, Nature Morte sur une chaise
Hofmann, The Gate, 1960
Kandinsky, Composition 2
Kandinsky, Jaune,r,b, 1925
Kandinsky, Several Circles
Klee, Analyses, 1922
Klee, Escalier et echelle
Klee, Gifts for I, 1928
Klee, New Harmony, 1936
Klee, Palace, 1926
Klee, Portrait jeune idiote
Klee, Ports & Voiliers, 1937
Klee, Villas florentines
Klein, Lecteur, 1960
Kokoschka, Tietzes, 1909
Malevich, Suprematist Composition
Malevich, White on White
Malevich, White on White, 1918
Manet, Follies Bergeres
Manet, Le Dejeuner, 1863
Matisse, Dance, 1909
Matisse, Red Studio, 1911
Moholy-Nagy, Comp, 1924
Mondrian, Black, White, and Red, 1936
Mondrian, Bl,W & Y, 1930
Mondrian, Composition in Red & Bed
Mondrian, Composition 2
Mondrian, Light Colors, 1919
Mondrian, Pier & Ocean, 1914
Mondrian, R, Y&B, 1921
Mondrian, R, Y&B, 1922
Mondrian, Self-Portrait, 1911
Mondrian, The Sea, 1914
Mondrian, The Sea
Mondrian, W,Bl,Y, 1927
Mondrian, Composition, 1919
Monet, Autumn Effect, 1883
Monet, Bridge at Argenteuil
Monet, Le Bassin, 1904
Monet, Water Lilies, 1920
Monet, Waterloo Bridge, 1903
O'Keeffe, Petunia, 1924
Picasso, 3 Musicians, 1921
Picasso, Bottle of Suze
Picasso, Boy with Pipe
Picasso, Feuille de musique
Picasso, Fillette, 1919
Picasso, Girl Before Mirror
Picasso, Guitar, SM, 1912
Picasso, Guitar, 1913
Picasso, La Toilette, 1967
Picasso, La Vie
Picasso, Landscape, 1907
Picasso, Les Demoiselles des Avignon
Picasso, Pipe Clr, Ace, 1914
Picasso, Scallop Shell
Picasso, Seated Bather, 1930
Picasso, Self-Portrait, 1907
Picasso, SL on a Prism
Picasso, SP with Palette
Picasso, Standing Nude
Picasso, Gertrude Stein
Picasso, Three Musicians
Picasso, Two Nudes
Picasso, Violin & Grapes, 1912
Picasso, Violin, Glass Pipe
Pollock, Number 6, 1949
Poons, Pablo Creek, 1979
Redon, Roger & Angelica, 1910
Rousseau, Sleeping Gypsy
Rousseau, The Dream, 1910
Seurat, Fishing Fleet, 1888
Seurat, L'Apres-Midi, 1884
Seurat, Le Baignade, 1888
Sloan, McSorley's Bar, 1912
Smith, Grasshopper, 1972
Stella, Darabjerd III, 1967
Van Doesburg, Comp, 1920

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