45C Lectures [C. Altieri]


Curriculum Vita

Visual aids


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Tentative Acting List (Please to check if I did right by you and for possibilities)

Rich II- Blank, Cruz, Herr, Khamsi

Msnd 3.2: 122-342 Friedman, Loebs, Xiao, Cronenwett

5.1: 108-362 Nasser, Malla, Mermel, Moreno, Verdegem,


ASYLI 3.5: 1-139 Aguiar, Ang, Bauer

4.1: 1_217 Lee, Barreras, Tsou, Van Steenis

Hamlet 3.4: 1-127 Birdsong, Sapida, Dean

5.2 195-402 Andrews, Netto, Bowlby, Capps, Singh,


Othello 3.3.: 256-480 Kim, Cruz, Foxman

4.1: 1-252 purdy, silva, canizales, Koon Lira

Lear 4.6: 1-207 Craven, Daughtery, Freeman, Resseguie

5-3: 1-327 Khan, Lira, Neto, Bauer, Xiao

Macbeth 1.3: 79-155 Koon, Tatara, Ang, Nasser

1.7: all Foxman, Cabral

All’s Well 4.3:82-340 Jeziorwek, Birdsong, Bowlby, Kokker

Winter tale 1.2:1-366 Sapida, Ang, Kokker, Yang

3.2 83-117 and 130-243 Cabral, Pena, Silva, Capp, Aguiar

5.3: 8-155 (need six actors

Tempest 2.2: 1-188 Friedman, Reyes, tartara

4.1: 139-266 Yang, Takkapallis, Loebs

5.2: 1-212 ( need ten actors

We need more actors for the final plays—sign up by e-mail. Eventually if you want we can trade so that some people at least do two scenes from the same play, but I don’t think that is a great idea. And we can do two of one scene.

A or B or C next to your name signifies which scene in the play listed.

Aguiar [ASYLI A


Bauer [ASYLI A

Birdsong – hamlet A; alls well A Netto Hamlet B

Jeziorwek hamlet B Alls well A Jeziorwek Alls Well A

Blank R II Dean Hamlet A

Bowlby [hamlet B Barreras [Asyli B

Brumit [hamlet B Lee [ASYLI B

Cabral Macbeth B

Capps [hamlet B

Craven [Lear A

Cruz R II, Othello A

Daugherty [Lear A

Foxman Othello A, Macbeth B

Freeman [Lear A

Friedman Msnd A; Tempest A

Herr R II, and early

Khamsi Rich II

Khan [Lear B

Kim Othello A and one

Koon [Othello B

Lira [Lear B

Loebs Msnd A

Malla [msnd B

Mermel [msnd B

Moreno [msnd B

Nasser Msnd B

Purdy Othello B

Resseguie [Lear A

Reyes Tempest A

Sapida Hamlet A, WT A

Singh [hamlet B

Spera [hamlet B


Van Steenis [ASYLI B

Verdegem [msnd B

Wheeler [msnd B

Xiao [msnd] A

Cronenwett [msnd] A

Silva Othello B

Andrews Hamlet B

Canizales Othello B