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"All Things Shining: Reading the Western Classics To Find Meaning in a Secular Age"

is now out and available in bookstores (if it's not, ask that it be!).

The issues in the book are philosophical and literary, and we come at them from our background in these disciplines. But the book is intended for a non-specialist audience, and we hope the discussion it generates will bring in a wide range of people. Anyone who lives in the contemporary world has valuable expertise to contribute, and anyone who hopes to enrich his or her life by reading and discussing classic philosophical and literary texts can hope to find a forum here. We look forward to a vigorous and illuminating discussion, and eventually to luring back the shining things.

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Visiting the website "All Things Shining" will give you the latest information on the book, the authors, the podcasts and showing of the movie.

Visit Sean Kelly's and my blog!

Opinions, Reviews and more: [In no particular order and not mentioning the multiple blogs that talked or discussed the book.]

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Wall Street Journal:

New York Times - Book of the Times:

New York Times - David Brooks:

KQED Radio - Forum with Michael Krasny:

Aired September 18, 2009

KTVU Channel 2 Special Report: Lecture Podcasting Gaining Popularity in Academia , starring Prof. Dreyfus!

"Exacting, yet gentle; brilliant yet approachable, experienced and enthusiastic ..." Julie Haener

Learn more about the movie written and directed by Cal Alumn Tao Ruspoli: (clicking on the link below will take you to the movie's own web site)

Being In The World

Once upon a time there was a world full of meaning, focused by exemplary figures in the form of gods and heroes, saints and sinners. How did we lose them, or, might they still be around, in the form of modern day masters, in fields like sports, music, craft and cooking. Are these masters able to inspire us and bring back a sense of wonder, possibly even of the sacred? ...

Los Angeles Times article of Nov. 24, 2007: "The iPod lecture circuit" featuring Prof. Dreyfus:

The iPod lecture circuit:
Technology is bringing the ivory tower to big rigs and fishing boats, offering the chance to study existentialism or
theoretical physics.
By Michelle Quinn, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

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