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Scoring the Swedish Flow Proneness Questionnaire


Scoring of the SFPQ is a little complex, because Items v2, v9, and v16 are reverse-keyed.  The scale yields three subscale scores (one of which is omitted for people who are not employed), and a total score which is the average of the three subscale scores. 

The authors of the scale have provided something close to population norms based on a national database of more than 2,500 Swedish twins born between 1943 and 1958, who wer between 51 and 68 years old at the time of testing (which accounts for the emphasis on "work" rather than "school" in Items 2-7).  Average "Flow Proneness" (FP) scores on the three subscales, and on the total scale score, are as follows (there were no gender differences on either subscales or total scale score):


Click here for the questionnaire.


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