Photograph © 2000 Lucy Canter Kihlstrom, PhD

Ginkgo.jpg (9490 bytes)Medicinal Parts:  The fresh or dried leaves and the seeds when the outer fleshy layer has been removed.  The leaves are not used in their crude form but are found in the form of gingko biloba extract, GBE.  However, it appears that this extract must be used in standardized  dosages in order to realize medicinal value.

Demonstrated Uses  GBE is used in aiding a range of circulatory problems, especially cerebral insufficiency and the related cognitive effects in the elderly.  However, the German Commission E also approved its use for intermittent poor circulation to the lower legs, vertigo, and tinnitus (ringing in the ear).

How it Works  This herb has an inhibitory effect on the platelet-activating factor, (PAF), and promotes vasodilation and improved blood flow both in the arteries and capillaries.

Precautions:  In some cases stomach or intestinal upset, headaches, or allergic skin reactions have been reported.  There are no restrictions regarding use during pregnancy and lactation.  

Daily DosageA standardized compound, 24% flavone and 6% terpene lactones should be used in 40 to 80 mg dosages three times per day (PDR® for Herbal Medicines. 2nd edition).

StorageProtect from light and moisture.



PDR® for Herbal Medicines. 2nd edition.  (2000).  Montvale, NJ:  Medical Economics Company.