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The idea for the Institute emerged in 1997 at the University of California, Berkeley.  We believed then that in this dynamic health care environment, ideas and information must be disseminated as rapidly and accurately as possible. We started building the content for the Institute's Web site in the winter of 2000 at an office in Marina Bay (Richmond), California where we could think and work away from the bureaucracy and politics of the University of California.

Although the Institute is independent of the University of California system, the motivation that spurred its development endures. To that end, we at the Institute seek to disseminate information that is timely, accurate, well-documented, and we hope, interesting enough to the visitors of our site that they will want to learn more about the topics.  Therefore, whenever possible, we have provided links to other high quality Web sites that provide additional information, names of books on the topics discussed on our site, and references to articles, both scholarly and in the popular press, that the visitor might find of interest.

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Lucy Canter Kihlstrom, PhD

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