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Herbals & Dietary Supplements

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            A Guide to Popular Herbs

            Hot Topics

                 Labeling Drugs and Herbal Remedies

                  Herbs and Cancer  


             Beliefs About Medicines and Herbal Remedies   New Working Paper!!

The Prescription Drug Industry

           PBMs and Chronic Disease

           Mergers & Alliances

           PBMs and the Internet

            Hot Topics

                    Low Cost Prescription Drugs

                    Switching from Prescription to OTC

Training Health Professionals

           NRC Report  

           Clinical Psychology

           Integrating Science and Practice

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                    More on Training Health Researchers

Health & Behavior


                    Hypnosis- Theories & Explanations

           Hypnosis and Pain:  A New Look

           Hypnosis in Surgery   NEW!!!!!

           Adherence to Treatment


           Illness Behavior

            Hot Topics

                    Bad Penmanship can lead to Medical Errors

                    Hand Washing by Health Care Providers

Mental Health

         Services Research

           Managed Care

           MH Hot Topics

                    Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

            Psychiatric Diagnosis  (also under working paper)

Working Papers

            Psychiatric Diagnosis 

            Beliefs About Medicines and Herbal Remedies    NEW!!!       

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