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John's Favorite Reprint Requests

When I was a boy I was involved in amateur ("ha") radio, and one of the traditions in ham radio is that operators send postcards, known as QSL cards, to those with whom they connected over the airwaves.  Now, as an academic, I send and receive reprint requests.  Well, not so much anymore.  Most journal articles are available on line, and most of the very few reprint requests academics receive now come over very prosaic email.  But once in a while, you receive a reprint request that is so striking that you hang onto it.  For example.

This one, from The Amazing Kreskin, who billed himself as "The World's Foremost Mentalist".

And this one, from a colleague in Bulgaria, who gets the prize for "The Best Named Research Institute, Ever".

And this one, from a psychiatrist colleague, who did much better in grade-school art class than I did.


This page last revised 08/23/2016.