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Robertson, Lynn C. & Sagiv, Noam (Editors) (2005)
Synesthesia: A Cognitive Neuroscience Approach Oxford Press.
This volume brings together a group of distinguished scientists who discuss how the study of synesthesia (technically, joining of the senses) has influenced knowledge of perceptual systems and the neural mechanisms that support them. It takes the reality of synesthesia as a starting point and delves into issues of binding, awareness, learning, and development. Two chapters from synesthetes themselves are also included.

Robertson, Lynn C. (2004)
Space, Objects, Minds and Brains Psychology Press
Studies of how brain lesions affect spatial abilities have revealed some surprising facts about space and its role in visual perception. This single authored book provides an overview of findings in patients (many from authorís own laboratory) over the past 25 years. It explores the cognitive and neural basis of spatial representations and their contributions to spatial awareness, object formation, attention, and binding.

Ivry, Richard & Robertson, Lynn C. (1998)
The Two Sides of Perception MIT Press.
This co-authored book describes a new theory of differences in hemispheric functions in human auditory and visual processing based on attention to basic features and differential attentional filtering within processing streams of the right and left hemispheres. It includes findings from individuals with visual-spatial deficits, evidence from neuroimaging studies with healthy individuals and a computational simulation that demonstrates the feasibility of the approach.
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