Taking Charge
See Taking Charge: Managing Community Alcohol and Drug Risk Environments. This planning manual provides step-by-step information to apply the Three Actor Model using the SPF Five Step planning approach.
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2006 SPF Planning Guide
See the 2006 SPF Planning Guide designed to match CSAP's Strategic Prevention Framework Five Steps.
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About Us – Overview
Over the last decade, federal and state agencies have increasingly required county and community-level initiatives to implement research-based prevention programs that seek to reduce alcohol/drug problems, to eliminate tobacco use, and to prevent crime. Simultaneously research and demonstration efforts have expanded to apply environmental approaches to prevent these problems at the community level using local regulation, environmental design, media advocacy, facility management, and organizational policy-change approaches.

Prevention by Design has also grown over the last seven years. As part of a state-funded project from 1999 through 2006 to help California county alcohol/drug agencies adopt outcome-based prevention planning methods, Prevention by Design has developed a community-level planning approach, Taking Charge, that ties together outcome-based planning with community environment prevention planning. Prevention by Design is a project of the Community Prevention Planning Program at the Institute for the Study of Social Change at the University of California, Berkeley. Program staff have backgrounds in county and community planning, community data and related information services, urban geography, social work, public health prevention planning (emphasis on alcohol/drug and mental health services), architectural programming and environmental design. They are led by the Community Prevention Planning Program's founder and Program Director, Friedner D. Wittman, Ph.D., a researcher, policy advisor, and practitioner who has been active in community planning, environmental design, and alcohol/drug prevention for 35 years.

Prevention by Design emphasizes practical assistance to help local agencies and organizations use their current resources to achieve effective, efficient outcomes. Our Taking Charge planning process is as dedicated to building on existing strengths in the community as it is to devising exciting new solutions to intractable, long-standing problems.