Taking Charge
See Taking Charge: Managing Community Alcohol and Drug Risk Environments. This planning manual provides step-by-step information to apply the Three Actor Model using the SPF Five Step planning approach.
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2006 SPF Planning Guide
See the 2006 SPF Planning Guide designed to match CSAP's Strategic Prevention Framework Five Steps.
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Director's Bio
Project Director
Fried Wittman

Friedner D. Wittman, Ph.D., M. Arch., has over thirty years' experience in community planning for health and social services, environmental design, and architectural programming. In addition to his role as Program Director for the Community Prevention Planning Program (CPPP), Dr. Wittman is a Research Specialist at the Institute for Study of Social Change (ISSC), University of California, Berkeley. Prevention by Design is a project of the CPPP, a nationally-recognized program that focuses on training and research in outcome-based planning, and on application of environmental planning approaches to prevent problems related to the retail, public, and social availability of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and other drugs. Dr. Wittman is also the President of CLEW Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in environmental planning and community planning for health and social services.

Dr. Wittman entered the prevention field as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Public Health Service, 1967-1972, assigned to the Community Mental Health Centers Construction Grant Program of the National Institute of Mental Health. From 1973-1988, he maintained a private practice as an architectural program consultant primarily for alcohol, drug abuse, and mental health facilities. From 1978-1988, he was a Research Specialist with the Alcohol Research Group in Berkeley, California. His work includes ten years with two National Alcohol Research Centers funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). He also served on several NIAAA review committees since 1972 and was a program consultant to NIAAA's research demonstration grant program on homelessness from 1985-1994. From 1983-1988, he was a Project Director at the Prevention Research Center in Berkeley, California. Dr. Wittman joined the ISSC in and founded CLEW Associates in 1988. He also acted as a consultant to the Prevention Enhancement Protocols program of the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, US Department of Health and Human Services from 1994-1998.

Dr. Wittman has written over 100 papers, reports, monographs, and published articles. His subjects include (1) environmental approaches to preventing community-level problems of alcohol/drug availability, and (2) policies, practices, and design of facilities for alcohol/other drug recovery as well as treatment of mental health disabilities. His education includes a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley College of Environmental Design (1983); an M. Arch. from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts in Philadelphia (1967); and a B.A. in Philosophy from Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania (1964). Dr. Wittman and his wife Ruth Ann Henderson Wittman reside in Berkeley, California. They have two children.