Taking Charge
See Taking Charge: Managing Community Alcohol and Drug Risk Environments. This planning manual provides step-by-step information to apply the Three Actor Model using the SPF Five Step planning approach.
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2006 SPF Planning Guide
See the 2006 SPF Planning Guide designed to match CSAP's Strategic Prevention Framework Five Steps.
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Prevention by Design helps local agencies and organizations protect community public health and safety, and promote community well-being, through an environmental planning approach designed to prevent alcohol/drug problems and related public health and public safety problems. This approach is geared primarily to serve the needs of local communities, particularly cities.

Starting January 1, 2007, this website will support a community-level environmental planning approach to prevention of alcohol/drug problems and related public health and safety problems. Called Taking Charge, this approach is based on Three Actor Model, a participatory planning approach that helps local agencies, organizations and groups establish local accountability for health and safety problems at high-risk settings and circumstances in community environments. The model brings together three sets of actors -- (1) owners and managers; (2) occupants and neighbors; (3) officials/other interested parties -- each of whom has a stake in their shared environment. The model uses the CSAP SPF Five Step planning process, outlined on this website, to help these actors, or stakeholders, identify and reduce risks in the subject environment.

The Three Actor Model draws on concepts from public health, public safety, community planning, and environmental design. Work is accomplished through the Taking Charge framework described on this website. The model applies to local community environments ranging from low-scale (individual addresses, specific events), to middle-scale (classes of facilities and public events such as all retail alcohol outlets, all street fairs), to large-scale (major planning districts, policies for major public events).

Prevention by Design staff, consultants, and colleagues provide environmental risk-assessment services; facilitation services for program planning and policy development; special project planning and problem-solving assistance; environmental and architectural design; and evaluation services. Policy analysis, research, and long-range planning services are also available.

Starting June 1, 2011, this website provides information under the auspices of CLEW Associates, Berkeley CA).