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Instrumentation Lab Circuits Manual

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Each week's laboratory exercises in the Instrumentation course are outlined in the laboratory manual. The manual's most up-to-date version is available here. Most of the documents here are in pdf format. If your browser cannot read pdf documents, free pdf readers can be obtained from Adobe.   Note that these labs contain color figures and text and may not print properly if your printer is misconfigured. 


Introductory advice on how to use the lab manual..

Glossary defining many of the terms used in this course.


The Instrumentation Labs:

Lab 8: Op Amps III LabView Experiments Lab 9: LabView Programming Manual

LabView Program Files

LabView Licence Program is in this directory
These files are password protected

Download LabView 2012 (two folders about 13GB total) Full Installer Program files for PC, and for Mac located on the U: Drive in the Physics 111-Lab BSC Share folder)

********************** Lab 10: Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Conversion Manual Lab 11: Signal Processing and Feedback Control

Lab 12: FINAL PROJECT: Final Project

Appendix_1 Digital Circuits I Elements Appendix_2 Digital Circuits II and ADC- Analog Digital Converter and DAC- Digital to Analog Converter Circuits  Digital Circuits Reading materials ADC/DAC

All Data Sheets located on the Physics 111-Lab Library Site: Data Sheets located on the Physics 111-Lab Library Site:

Data  Sheets Digital Circuits:


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