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IGERT Program

The IGERT Workshop

2009/2010 Fellows

  • Devin Caughey: Political Science PhD. Student
  • Aaron Chalfin: Aaron is a second year Ph.D. student in Public Policy. His primary area of interest is crime policy. He is especially interested in the dynamics of crime markets and in facilitating an understanding of the degree to which society's response to crime is optimal. Aaron is also interested in labor markets, demography and applied econometrics - in particular, in using natural experiments and quasi-experimental methods to identify causal effects. Prior to beginning graduate school, Aaron worked for several years as a researcher at the Urban Institute where he conducted empirical research on a variety of topics related to crime, public health and the efficacy of public interventions designed to address offending.
  • Monica Deza: Economics PhD. Student
  • Willa Friedman: Economics PhD. Student
  • Morris Levy: Political Science PhD. Student
  • Andres Martinez: Psychology PhD. Student
  • Sarah Martin Anderson: Goldman School of Public Policy PhD. Student

2008/2009 Fellows

  • Charles Gibbons: Economics PhD. Student
  • Erin Hartman: Political Science PhD. Student
  • Mitchell Hoffman: Economics PhD. Student
  • Adrienne Hosek: Political Science PhD. Student
  • Joanne Lee: Agricultural & Resource Economics PhD. Student
  • Paul Piff: Paul is a PhD student in Social/Personality psychology. His research focuses on the intersection of human emotion and intergroup relations. He is currently working on research projects concerning such topics as collective emotions, intergroup conflict, the effects of SES on social perceptions and prosocial behavior, and collective action.
  • Jessica Rider: Jessica Rider is a PhD student in Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE). Jessica also holds an MPP from the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, as well as undergraduate degrees in Industrial Engineering and International Affairs from Georgia Tech. Her primary research interests include the economics of nutrition (particularly in regards to infants and children), household food purchasing decisions and food policy.
  • Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato: Economics PhD. Student
  • Abby Wood: She studies comparative politics and public law as a PhD student in the Department of Political Science. Before coming to Berkeley, she completed a JD at Harvard Law School and a MALD at The Fletcher School at Tufts. Her research concerns institutional aspects of government corruption in developing countries.

2007/2008 Fellows

  • Steve Buck: Agricultural & Resource Economics PhD. Student
  • Sara Chatfield: She is a PhD. student in the Political Science department, specializing in American politics, public law, and methodology. Her dissertation looks at the strategies of legal advocacy group in an environment of increasing interest group density and competition. Other interests include bureaucratic autonomy, American political development, and the participatory returns to college education.
  • Karin Martin: Goldman School of Public Policy PhD. Student
  • Sharyl Rabinovici: Mrs. Rabinovici is a fourth year doctoral student at the UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy. Her dissertation project is a survey-based quasi-experimental program evaluation that investigates changes in the beliefs and behavior of apartment owners following passage of a Berkeley law that required them to obtain a seismic engineering study of their building. She has a B.S. in Geologic and Environmental Sciences from Stanford University with distinction in 1997 and a M.P.P. from the University of Chicago in 2000 where she was a Harris Fellow. From 2000 to 2005, Mrs. Rabinovici analyzed environmental policies as a Physical Scientist/Economist for the US Geological Survey. Her professional interests include: program design, implementation and evaluation; risk assessment, communication, and management; decision analysis; public participation; and environmental regulation.
  • Mike Urbancic: Economics PhD. Student

2006/2007 Fellows

  • Dan Acland: He is a third year student in the Department of Economics. His primary field of interest within Economics is Behavioral Economics. (Known at Berkeley as Pscyh. & Econ.) He is primarily interested in issues of self-control, habit-formation, and projection-bias and how they affect consumption and time-allocation decisions. Methodologically he is primarily interested in randomized field experiments.
  • Jeffrey Deason: Goldman School of Public Policy PhD. Student
  • Andrew Kelly: He is a PhD student in the Department of Political Science. His primary field is American politics, with a focus on the politics of policy implementation, particularly education policy. His current research interests include the implementation of No Child Left Behind, the politics of school choice, and parental involvement.
  • Amy Lerman: She is currently an Assistant Professor of Politics and Public Affairs at Princeton University in the Department of Politics and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.
  • Melissa Sills: She is a Ph.D. student in the Public Policy department and has completed a concurrent Master's in Demography and a field in Economics. Her research focuses on the relationship between changing family demographics and social policy.
  • Alex Theodoridis: He entered Berkeley's doctoral program in Political Science in 2005 after earning a Master's in Public Policy at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. His research interests are in American political behavior, particularly campaigns, elections, voting behavior and political participation. He received a BA in English and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia in 1998, after which he served for six years as Chief of Staff at the UVa Center for Politics. He spent most of his free time in college working in political and campaign offices, including a stint in 1997 as Research Director for a Virginia lieutenant gubernatorial campaign. He and his wife, Chrissie Switzer Theodoridis, live in beautiful North Berkeley, where they appreciate the spectacular views, the access to an amazing variety of outdoor activities, fantastic and diverse cuisine, as well as the relative inactivity of the Hayward fault.
  • Erika Weissinger: Goldman School of Public Policy PhD. Student