Deep-sea cephalopods    
Cephalopod Behavior & Ecology
Octopoteuthis deletron Biological Bulletin cover

2009. Bush, SL, Robison, BH, & RL Caldwell. Behaving in the dark: locomotor, chromatic, postural and bioluimescent behaviors of the deep-sea squid Octopoteuthis deletron Young 1972. Biological Bulletin. 216: 7-22.

Videos of Octopoteuthis deletron behavior


2007. Bush, S L, & B H Robison. Ink utilization by mespopelagic squid. Marine Biology. 152: 485-494.

Videos of mesopelagic squid ink releases


2004. LaJeunesse, T C, Lee, S, Bush, S L, & J F Bruno. Persistence of non-Caribbean algal symbionts in Indo-Pacific mushroom corals released to Jamaica 35 years ago. Coral Reefs. 24(1): 157-159.


2004. Bush, S L, Precht, W L, Woodley, J D, & J F Bruno. Indo-Pacific mushroom corals found on Jamaican reefs. Coral Reefs. 23(2): 234.

Deep-sea squids releasing ink