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Science for the People: The 1970s and Today
A 3-Day Conference (11-13 April 2014) at UMass Amherst
Hosted by the Social Thought & Political Economy Program

A Partial Archive of Science for the People

Contents - Timeline

early 1969: Call for the first meeting:  origin of SSPA = Scientists for Social and Political Action.

SSPA Newsletter: Number 1 - Number 6, issued during 1969, listed many local contacts and groups, presented ideas and activities.

September 1969: Name changed to SESPA = Scientists and Engineers for Social and Political Action

December 1969: Activists at the annual meeting of the AAAS, in Boston, coin the slogan/name "Science for the People".

April(?) 1970:  Sespa News, with a different look, and a "different perspective", is put out by the Boston group.

August 1970: Science for the People MAGAZINE appears (as Vol. 2, No. 2 of SESPA Newsletter);
this was published continuously, every two months, through May/June 1989.

  • • • Composite Tables of Contents with links to a complete online archive of the Magazine 

Indices to articles published in SftP magazine.

1975(?): A Brochure about the organization.

List of SftP Books and Pamphlets produced by various chapters.

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