Instructional Computing Introduction

The School of Public Health supplements the services offered to students by the Campus Computing Center by providing computing facilities, instruction, and consulting.

The School maintains a computerized classroom and a computer drop-in facilities that are available to all School of Public Health students.

In addition to the physical facilities, formal classroom instruction and consulting in statistical computer languages is available through the Biostatistics Division. Also, the Campus provides instruction in several computing languages and other IT-related areas through its D-Lab facility.

Public Health Computing Facilities

  • 340A Haviland Hall
  • 340B Haviland Hall
    Drop-In Lab
  • 585 University Hall
    Doctoral Student Drop-In Lab
  • Sheldon Margen Public Health Library
    1 University Hall
    Networked Computers for Student Use
Public Health Libary Computing

The Sheldon Margen Public Health Library offers several networked computers for student Use.

Wireless Internet Connections

Wireless Internet connectivity is available in most locations on campus, including University Hall and Haviland Hall.

For more information see the Public Health Library and AirBears web sites.

Useful Campus Computing Links

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